Of Marriages and Divorces

Not too long ago, I found out that the country of my birth, the Philippines, is the remaining holdout (aside from the Vatican) to not have divorce laws in place. My parents, however, were divorced. They were married in the Philippines but had their marriage dissolved in the U.S. Getting divorced in another country is one of the very few recourse available to married Filipinos. Which in turn, perpetuates the ongoing myth in countries like the Philippines and elsewhere, that in the U.S., marriage is taken lightly and that most marriages end in divorce. A myth that is perpetuated by the media and celebrities, unfortunately.

The truth is, statistics show that the divorce myth in the U.S. is just that. A myth. The numbers show, according to this New York Times article that the divorce rate has slowed down over the past decade and that in fact, the institution of marriage is stronger than ever. I certainly see that among acquaintances. News of anyone getting a divorce has gotten rare that when you hear of one, it has become a shock.

The downturn of divorce rate is definitely a good thing, but as any married person can tell you, it is a reality and sometimes an inevitable conclusion to some marriages. Some marriages are just not meant to be and we have to realize and accept that. Personally, even as I have no plans or desire to end mine, I like having that option available. Everyone should be able to make their own choices.

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Keeping Homes Intact with Home Warranty Protection


When people buy appliances, electronics, and other common household goods, they often realize that they have a finite warranty on these belongings. However, once the warranties expire, many people neglect to consider what other protection they should invest in to keep those goods functioning properly. When a stove, refrigerator, central heating unit, or other household fixture breaks down, it may cost the person who owns it money that he or she cannot afford. Rather than face this financial burden, homeowners can protect their houses and their appliances protected with a policy like Total Protect Home Warranty.

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If You Must Have Guns, Keep them Locked Up

The husband came home one day with a rifle. He knows how I feel about guns. I don’t like being around them, I don’t like them around my kids. But he says he’ll keep it locked up and away from view or easy access. He says he will on use it for wildlife. The ones that demolish our garden every year. So grudgingly, and only because the girls are older now, I let him bring it in the house.

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