15 Years and counting

Getting married is like signing a blank check. You have no idea how much it will cost you. You are committing an unquantifiable amount of material and emotional capital – time, money, patience, sacrifice, and an infinite number of things you have not even begun to imagine that you must deal with eventually.

Jim Paredes, Writing On Air
part of a beautiful tribute to his wife for their 29th Anniversary

We signed our blank check a mere 15 years ago, and it has cost us dearly but the interest have also made it all worthwhile. Our marriage has not been all smooth sailing by any means. We’ve had our ups and downs and when we’ve been down it seems that being down is all there is. I’m sure the thought to withdraw our investment has crossed both our minds more than once. But like savvy investors, we’ve hung in there for the long run and are still there today. Is it any easier after 15 years?

No, not really. It, marriage, is a work in progress. It is like a garden. It changes with the seasons. Some years it is healthy and abundant, and others it becomes infested with bugs.

We were no spring chickens when we met. We were both veterans of the dating/love war scene by then. I was 28 and was tired of dating immature men. He was 40 and was tired of silly women. We were both ready for a relationship that is more meaningful, committed, and lasting.

We didn’t date long, we were married within a year after we first met. Proving what I always thought, that I would know when the right person and the right time came along. As the old cliche’ goes, love did come along when I was neither looking for it nor expecting it.

We are polar opposites in many ways but I think our souls are kindred spirits. I love him because of who I am because I am with him. He keeps me honest about who I am and who I can be. He reminds me to enjoy the beauty around me and he reminds me to be thankful. He is my better half, he makes me whole.

I am beautiful
Because of how you see me
You make me better

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11 thoughts on “15 Years and counting

  1. dexiejane


    You looked so radiant on your wedding day. I love that dress. Do you still have it? It’s so elegant and chic that it’s timeless. Any of your daughter can wear it someday.

  2. MrsPartyGirl

    happy anniversary, jmom!

    dexiejane is right, you do look radiant in that photo.

    may you have many more days of loving ahead of you. 🙂

  3. JMom

    Hi mamaBok! good to hear from you, and thanks 🙂

    Hi dexie, thank you. Yes, I still have that dress, but sadly it will require a great deal of alteration for my big girls to wear it. That was a size 6! haaaayyyy, those were the days 🙂 na doble ko na yang size na yan.

    hi leah, thanks! 🙂

    hi mrspartygirl, thank you. 🙂

  4. BatJay


    i hope for 15 more years of happiness and great S.

    jet and i celebrated our 15 years too last may. what a trip it was.

  5. cheH

    Awww this is way too late:(

    what a gorgeous bride! Belated happy anniversary jmom! More blessings to you & your family!

  6. mrs. pektus

    Belated Happy Anniversary! I wish your family good health, peace and that trip out of town/country that you’ve been wanting to do 🙂

  7. nunu's mum

    wow jmom, what a lovely post, lovely photo and amazing dress (and size!)

    A belated happy anniversary to you both! Many many more to come!


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