Sistah, Sistah

Sister O is the one I described in my previous post as:

Sister O was the middle child and proudly carried all the angsts to go with her position. She was the rebel child. She was the sister you’d like to deny in high school. She is outspoken and has strong opinions that she will not hesitate to share with whomever. She was the rebel, and has been labeled the black sheep at one time or another. She was the ubiquitous party girl. Now she is a stay at home mom to two little girls and you wouldn’t think it’s the same girl. Well, she’s not. Not the same girl, I mean. She is now a woman, and a mom, and a good friend.

I would just like to add that even though her lifestyle has changed drastically since she grew up got married and had kids, her opinionatedness and willingness to share it has not abated. She does some of it in her blog where she goes to stay connected to adult talk 🙂 Visit her there sometime and give her a break from mommydom.

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One thought on “Sistah, Sistah

  1. Omom

    Hehehehe…aawh shucks. Thanks for the un-paid advert 🙂 But wait a sec, I grew up? Somebody failed to inform me! Bwahahaha.



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