Summer Fun

They are having fun, and I miss them, but this is their time to bond with their cousins. I was just thinking this week how nowadays we are all so busy with our own lives and living so far apart that we don’t really get to know our cousins. When my husband and I were growing up (him here, and me in the Philippines) our cousins were like our siblings. We just took it for granted that they are part of our lives then and always.

Some of my most cherished memories were the antics my cousins and I used to get into. We also got into fights, battles, with each other which of course always ends up in us getting into major trouble then making up later on. I still remember a precious trike we received as a christmas present which lasted all but three days because my cousins and I, all thirteen of us (then), decided to all get on at the same time. I wish I could have had a photo of that; we may have broken a record.

Even though I miss my girls, and really I do, I hope they are making these kinds of memories with their cousins. Their cousins are a lot younger than they are, but I hear they hold their own pretty well 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Mari

    It’s good your kids are bonding with their cousins. These times they’ll always remember. This reminds me when I was back home and me and my cousins were always hanging out together…sometimes getting in trouble…together. Those were the days.

  2. Bill Bilig

    Heartwarming post. Reminds me of my own childhood and yes my cousins were my best friends while growing up. Too bad that we can’t re-live those innocent happy days but its good too that we have those memories.

  3. julie

    My children have summer bonding with my parents in the province too. Though they don’t have first cousins yet from my side of the family, they still love to meet my relatives. wonderful it is if we can only relive the days when everything seems simple and carefree.

    wonderful post. Take care.


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