What were you thinking?

I was tagged by Teacher Julie a few weeks back to talk about what I was thinking when I met my husband.

I was not in a happy place when I met my husband. I was just coming out of an eight year relationship that ended badly and meeting someone else was the farthest thing on my mind. It was a weird time when I felt so low and unattractive but strangely light as if a huge burden has been lifted off me.

I talked to my husband first before I ever met him. He had called looking for my sister’s fiance’ who was, coincidentally, his half brother. Although the conversations was brief, he claims that even then he thought me attractive sounding. I don’t even remember that conversation until years later when I was cleaning some papers and I had written down on a piece of paper, “Mike from North Carolina called for James”.

It would be another year before we actually meet. He moved to Los Angeles and his brother brought him to our place for brunch. As my sister does not cook much, I did most of the cooking. They came and nothing… I don’t remember thinking anything other than being cordial to a new face. I think he enjoyed my cooking. He was profuse in his compliments. But then, I found out later, that’s just the way he is all the time. I thought he was nice enough, but did not even consider him as a “possibility”. His brother is engaged to my sister, after all.

Months later, we started going out. First with groups of friends then exclusively. By the time we started dating seriously, it only took another month before we both decided we were meant to be together. We got married four months later.

Considering my record for long term relationships, this would be considered a whirlwind. I had always said though, when prodded what I was waiting for during my previously lengthy relationships, that I would know when the right person came along. And I did. I just had always a sense that this was the right time with the right person. I no longer had that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that kept me from saying the dreaded I Do. This time, I just knew. I knew even though I couldn’t remember what I was thinking exactly when I met him.

My side of the story is hardly as colorful as his version, which I have written about before. I will republish that here next.

Now who to tag…….

This time around I will tag: Tanya who is still on the honeymoon stage and probably still sleepless in Seattle, Francesca who is keeping us sleepless with her butler tales in France, and Toni who is ever creative and always positive in the Philippines.

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One thought on “What were you thinking?

  1. julie

    Wow, as the saying goes: A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You have won him with your cooking.

    “This time, I just knew. I knew even though I couldn’t remember what I was thinking exactly when I met him.” Awww…this is so honestly spoken.

    Thanks for doing this meme, JMom. Take care!


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