Art for the Summer

Having an artist for a father, the girls have always been exposed to the art of creating art since the day they were born.

Dad & Mara

They all love to make one kind of craft or another, but they all ultimately love to draw and paint.

My oldest daughter, Asi, will be going off to a summer long art session soon, at the North Carolina School of the Arts. It’s a summer session for high school students where she will start earning college credits for the courses she will be taking. She’ll have classes in drawing and sculpture.


Last weekend, we started putting her supplies together. She needs to bring art supplies, which her dad is taking care of with her. But since she will be staying in the dorm all summer, she also needed to bring other supplies like toiletries, beddings, cleaning and laundry supplies (I’m seriously wondering if she’ll even use these 😛 ), and of course other miscellaneous stuff. From looking at the stuff we got at Target, you’d think she was moving into her own apartment!


*SIGH* They sure grow up too fast don’t they? It seems like only yesterday when they were painting in the backyard.

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9 thoughts on “Art for the Summer

  1. Jet

    Those pictures of Asi in front of her canvas are so endearing. They sure grow up too fast, JMom. It was only a few years ago when we met up with you at Redondo Beach, and your young girls were just, well… young girls. Now Asi\’s unbelievably 15 and will be spending her summer away from the family… so grown up. Where did all the time go?

  2. JMom

    hi jet, I know! I just saw those redondo beach photos not too long ago, and they were just girls then! They are now young women, getting ready to go out into the world.

    Jade just started her volunteer job at the library today 🙁

  3. JMom

    hi Daniel, thanks for the visit. I’m always excited to find other bloggers nearby 🙂

    Hi Joan, they really do grow up too fast and I can’t help but dwell on it. They remind me everyday how grown they are 🙂

  4. Omom

    One gift that the “big girls” gave me is the ability to appreciate the time spent, the unconditional love and attention they shared with me. It really does make me appreciate my little girls now having the knowledge that TIME flies and we have to enjoy them while they are children…

    I always knew that “Inkydink” would follow in her dad’s artiste ways 🙂

    HUGS, I miss ya!

  5. caryn

    wow, it’s great that you guys support your daughter’s artistic tendencies! go go go! my mum was kind of hesitant to put me into art classes when i was young because i was too introverted so she decided to place me in activites that encouraged me to interact with others. till now i’ve never had any formal artistic training (if you discount architecture at uni); i wish i had. sigh.


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