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There are tons of videos on YouTube and other sources on the web made by teenagers. Some are funny, a lot of them are stupid, others downright dangerous, a few not fit for the public and more that are so creative they verge on genius. There are few however, that can be called ‘touching’. Most teens just aren’t into showing their emotions much, well not in the sappy ‘touchy feely’ kind of way anyway. It’s not that they don’t feel them or appreciate having those feelings, sometimes they are just too embarrassed to show them. Yeah, in the twisted mentality of teens, it’s cooler to look stupid than to look like you care about something.

Teens do so many things that are so sweet and thoughtful, it would make you cry. The stories that my daughter tell me of their friends, the acts that I see them do, it makes me really proud. But if you look in their facebook profiles or their blogs, they don’t brag about the sweet things they do. They talk of inane stuff like music they like, what they’re wearing, who’s going out with whom, who broke up, who went to the party, etc. They don’t ever talk about how someone stayed with a sick senior citizen at the mall until help arrived, how they volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House cooking for families with sick children, how one boy sells flowers on valentine’s day and donates to the cancer center to honor his mother who died, or how they help each other with homework and the never ending dramas in their lives.

When my girls were younger, they wouldn’t get out of the car without giving us kisses first and telling us they love us. Now they are a little grumpier. They’re moody and sullen in the mornings and sometimes forget to even say ‘bye’ when they get out of the car much less ‘thanks for dropping me off’. We as parents sigh and just accept that it’s just a phase they must go through. And yet, we can’t help but feel a little neglected and unappreciated, but we all know they love us and we are important to them just as much as they are to us. Which makes the times when they do snuggle back up to us (and they do) as they did when they were toddlers even more special. I tell my girls all the time, even though they’re bigger than me now, that they will always be my babies even when they have their own. They just giggle and snuggle even closer. Those are the best times…. because tomorrow, they could be back to their silent, sullen self again. 🙂

Today, I heard about the video that a 14 year old boy made to help his father who had just been laid off work to get a job. It’s a very sweet video, a little sappy and almost made me cry. Which is what makes it hard to believe that a teenager made the movie. But I believe it because I have seen how much teens really do pay attention and they really do care about the things going on around them. Most of all, they do appreciate the things we as parents do for them even though they don’t often show it.

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