That Week That Was

Bah! Time sure flies when you don’t watch it. Well, when you get busy at home and at work, then time just slips away without you even knowing it. No sense crying over slipped time though, you just keep on going.

Even though I hadn’t updated in over a week, that doesn’t mean I’ve been totally slack about blogging. I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen. Here’s what I’ve dished up lately:

Spinach Lasagna Roast Pork Cracklings Steak Diane

I entered several contests/giveaways this past week and I was lucky to win one of them! I entered Tropical Escape Basket Giveaway from Saved Not Stupid to celebrate her website launch, and guess what, I won! I’m excited. She said she’s sending my prize next week. I’ll have to hide it from the girls so they don’t get all the good stuff before I get to it 🙂

There were also several book giveaways that I entered on Found Not Lost. I don’t know yet if I won any of those, but I’m hoping. If you’d like to win books, check out my newest blog find, S. Krishna’s Books. She reads tons of books then gives them away when she’s done.

I’m also reviving the backyard blog. I think it’s supposed to finally stop raining this weekend so maybe we can go out to the garden and start puttering around again. I looked back there today and already I am seeing lots of green. I’ll see if I can get out there tomorrow and take some photos of the returnees.

In the meantime, here’s something just for your dancing pleasure. It sure made me dance! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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