Hug Your Kids a Little Tighter Today

If you have kids, go and hug them just a little tighter because today there are parents out there who can’t hug theirs anymore.

I ran across this beautiful girl’s smiling face twice today. The first was when I was bloghopping through the Wordless Wednesday participants. I saw her photo but didn’t bother to click on the link, wanting to go on and drop my WW comments and be done with it.

The second time, it was a shout for a digg. I clicked on the link and read through the article. It touched me to see another baby sick so I clicked on her mom’s blog. I was devastated to learn that little Maddie (Madeline) passed away yesterday. There were no longer any encouraging words for me to leave, so I left a small donation instead.

I hope you will also give what you can, no matter how small. Your generous support will help fund lifesaving research, services, education and advocacy that help babies get a healthy start.

My deepest condolence to the Spohr Family.

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