Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

Are you one of those super organized and on time people everyone hates and already have your garden tilled and spring cleaning done? Or are you more like me, the ace procrastinator and goddess of distraction?

Every time I walk into a room at my house lately, I see things that need to be done. Then I walk out.

Oh, I know I have to get around them somehow and the sooner the better. I can’t stand a mess, after all. I just don’t like cleaning them up.

For instance, last night I was so sleepy that all I wanted to do was take my shower and lay down. But on the way to the shower, I felt grit under my feet. I tried to ignore it but the more I walked around, the more dust and junk keep sticking to my soles.

I don’t ever wear shoes or slippers inside the house so I knew this would totally get on my nerve when I step out of the shower and have to walk around picking up grit on my newly washed feet. So I go get the broom and sweep the whole house until it is dust free. And I thought I was too tired to do anything! Well, I guess I could dig deep to find the energy when I have to.

So that’s what I aim to do this week. Dig deep inside me and find the energy to clean the rest of the house. This is not your usual wash the dishes, do the laundry and mop the floor type of cleaning. Hopefully, you do all those on a regular basis. lol! I’m using this list for How to Keep A Clean and Healthy Home as a guide. Thank goodness I don’t have to do some of these tasks but a few times throughout the year.

Start at the Top: Dust ceiling fans, tall mantles and bookshelves, and the tops of door frames, top of cabinets, top of the refrigerator, etc.

Wipe Down Windows and Walls: You know the drill, no matter your technique for cleaning windows, just go for it. Oh, I did learn about this one tidbit: “To prevent streaks on shower doors and walls, apply lemon oil to the door twice a month. This will help repel soap scum and shampoo, while also adding a nice shine.”

Think Horizontally: Dust mites are nearly everywhere. Reduce dust mites by encasing your mattress and pillows, and wash your bedding in hot water about once a week. Also, since dust mites are microscopic, place strips of duct tape on the mattress case to prevent the dust mites from sneaking through.

Clean the In-between: While cleaning what you can see, don’t forget to clean what you can’t see – the air you breathe. Use a high performance air filter in the home to help capture particles such as pollen, smoke, dust mite debris and pet dander from the air that passes through the filter. Be sure to change your filter at the start of every season, or every three months.

Freeze the Fur: Stuffed animals can harbor dust mites so it’s important to pay special attention to them. Place stuffed animals in a large plastic bag and freeze them for four to five hours. Remove them from the freezer and plastic bag, and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove any leftover dust particles.

Finish With Floors: To keep floors in tip-top shape, vacuum and clean them weekly. You can easily make your own floor cleaner by adding a few drops of mild liquid dish detergent to a gallon of water. Hot water can break down floor finishes after time so use water that is barely warm. Finally, don’t forget to clean the floor under large pieces of furniture, which may require you to temporarily move them elsewhere. Corners of rooms and the back of closets often are overlooked, so be sure to clean these areas as well.

So did you get tired just reading the list? I did, just thinking about it! But it’s one of those evils that are necessary for our comfort and well being. Good luck, I’ll try to update on my progress. And if you have any more tips, please do share them here!

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