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It’s summer time! Time for salads and fruits and everything fresh. But why the heck am I having the strangest cravings for soups? I have been wanting soups with lots of green vegetables on them so when my daughter came home for summer break, I decided to try out this fish recipe that I saw on Overseas Pinoy Cooking. Normally my daughter likes her fish fried, but she said this fish soup is not bad at all! I liked it too, but I think I liked the miso dip that was recommended with it better. It’s what made the dish, I think, and I have been using it to complement other dishes.

Pesang Tilapia

On the review blog, we have a guest post from Xenon Project. With summer upon us, this is a great time to be outside with the kids or just being like one. My eldest daughter always loved remote controlled toys especially cars. They loved remote control boats too, but I was always afraid that they would jump after the boats if they couldn’t guide them back to shore.
remote control boat
Do your kids or adults play with remote control cars still? I haven’t seen too many of them around lately.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest on the Blogs – Fish and Toys

  1. Mirage

    Miso + fish = winner combo!

    My husband is into RC helis and boats…he also had a small tank but I don’t really approve of letting the kids play with it…I’m ok with the boat 😀

  2. Steven

    I think this is very nice idea. Really every summer brings something new and exciting things to do and we used to plan most of them a bit earlier and when it comes we just rush to avail this opportunity and we used to make the most of this beautiful time.


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