Are People Getting Paid to Comment?

With the increase in seemingly inane and unrelated comments that I have been getting on my blogs, I started to wonder if some of these people are getting paid. So I thought I’d look into it and what better place to start your research than Google right? I tell my kids to Google stuff all the time when I I don’t have a ready answer. lol!

Anyway, so I googled “get paid to comment on blogs” and guess what? YES! Yes, people now can earn money by leaving comments on blogs. That explains a lot. It also makes me feel better about deleting comments and blocking IPs.

When I get relevant comments, especially from other bloggers, I try to return the visit and comment on their blogs. To me, that has just been good blogging manners. Lately though, with all these spam comments and scraper blogs popping up all over the place, it’s getting harder to tell the legitimate sites from the bad ones. What’s worse is, they can negatively impact innocuous bloggers like me who are not looking to make a quick buck but have been at this blogging thing just for the sake of getting our thoughts out there in the vast, vacuum of the internet.

Bloggers have always talked about maintaining your online credibility or klout  and some have even higlighted sites that claim to be a reputationdefender. But to the regular old bloggers like me who haven’t transitioned to calling my blogs a business yet, it seems rather simple and sensible to follow the basic rules of good manners whether in real life or online.

You wouldn’t want anyone to butt into your conversation with something totally unrelated, would you? You don’t like it when people change the topic right when you’re in the middle of talking about it, right? So why do it online? It’s the same thing whether you’re having a face to face conversation, commenting on blogs or interacting in social media. Stay on topic! Pay attention and respond accordingly.

It doesn’t seem so hard to do, even if you are getting paid to do it. Right?


On a separate but kind of related topic…. 🙂

Thanks to spam commenters I am made to re-examine some old posts. Yes, some of them will go back years into your archive to leave a comment.

Anyway, I ended up revisiting a post from 2006 and it was like finding an old photograph. It made me remember those early days in blogging when our blogrolls were still manageable and we actually got to know our commenters and even became friends. Two of the commenters on that post, I still interact with on facebook just like old friends even though we’ve never met each other in person. One still blogs like me and the other has slowed down. The other two commenters on the post, I realized that I haven’t visited their blogs in a long time and have kind of lost touch of each other just like some friends are wont to do. I do miss those days of bloghopping and commenting on each others blogs.

But, like life, blogging evolves doesn’t it? Now it’s twitter and facebook that people are finding each other. I’m there too, and enjoying the ease of the 140 character messages and the convenience of the impromptu posts via status updates, but still…. there is nothing like rambling to yourself on the blogs.

Whether anyone is reading or not 🙂

Just leave a comment that makes A LITTLE BIT OF SENSE dammit!


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