Too Much Time on Facebook – How Do You Manage?

You know I am spending too much time on facebook when I let things that I read there upset me or get to me. You know I’m spending too much time on facebook when I’ve blogged about it for two or three times now.

I don’t mind the times when a thread gets so funny and interesting that it gets multiple comments from everyone and it becomes chat like. I end up thinking about those conversations hours later and still get a giggle. Those are good.

The bad is that one status that irked you so much that you didn’t even bother to comment, but you’re still thinking about it hours later anyway. That’s annoying.

That’s also disturbing when you think about the fact that you are thinking about facebook or twitter or pinterest long after you get offline and even find yourself expending emotion over stuff you run into. It’s a bit scary and sad at the same time, don’t you think?

It’s bordering on pathetic.

So I am going on a self imposed social media diet of sorts. Oh, I can’t totally get away from them, I just think I should limit the time I spend there and even more, less time thinking about things after I’m away from there.

I still do have a life offline, afterall, and it’s quite full enough as it is. But for the totally addicted and for those who are getting overwhelmed by their online life and want some semblance of order, I saw a new service in the form of which claims to organize all your social media interaction in one place. Frankly, I don’t know how another app can help when most email services already can consolidate and centralize where you get all your social media notifications.

So how do you manage your online interactions? Are you checking your phone all the time to see if someone replied to your tweet or if someone re-pinned your post or commented on your status update? How do you keep up? Or do you even bother?

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2 thoughts on “Too Much Time on Facebook – How Do You Manage?

  1. evz

    Staying infront of any computer device is eating most of my time… if I say I will jut check my emails and you will never knowyou were there for hours already moving fom one website to the other I know myself that I am into it but this is the only form to get connected just a bit of time management of when is thebest time again back to self discipiline.

  2. Charles Ravndal

    I usually just ignore stuff on FB and comment to those I found interesting. Though I check FB from time to time just to see what my friends are up to or if something interesting comes up 🙂


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