Weekend Domestic Diva Mode

Ok, so Domestic Diva is not exactly what comes to mind when describing myself, but this weekend I think I may have had a moment. That’s right, I have my mommy homemaker moments too!

Saturday, according to my daughter, was a perfectly beautiful pre-fall weather. It was 80 degrees, it was sunny and it was just slightly breezy. I had a sweater on. I wanted 90 degrees and humidity. I want summer back! I’m not quite ready for fall yet 🙁

Grumbling about yet another shopping stint for the girl, we rewarded ourselves with an al fresco lunch which kind of made up for the speedy arrival of autumn temps. We bought KFC for those left at home and ended up relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was when I went totally domestic. I woke up to an unexpectedly gray and drizzling skies that made me want to just crawl back in bed and wish back those hot, sunny, summer days. But, rather than wallow, I decided to put my big girl panties on and got to work.

I took out a roast beef and a whole chicken from the freezer to thaw out. I made roast beef for dinner and boiled the chicken for dinners later in the week. While the meat were thawing, I decided to clean out the fridge. I threw out leftovers, almost empty containers of condiments (who puts a drop of salad dressing back????), expired items and moldy cheeses. Dang, it must have been a while since I cleaned out!

Another reason I cleaned out the fridge was because the crispers were full of vegetables from the garden that my husband has been harvesting every morning and putting in the drawers until I can get to them. So I washed, trimmed, blanched, bagged and froze most of them. I ended up with huge bags of yard long beans, okra and bell peppers that I threw in the freezer to use later. I also pickled a big jar of jalapenos that will last me through the winter at least.

I didn’t cook breakfast, everyone just fixed their own cereal or toast; well the husband had to have some meat, so he had leftover KFC and eggs. We were all hungry again around lunch time so I decided to take some of the yard long beans that I was getting ready to freeze and made a variation of gising-gising or yard-long beans in coconut milk. It was a delicious lunch for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

How was your weekend?

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