The Most Versatile Piece of Cloth You Can Own

A panel of fabric is one piece of fashion that everyone can own no matter where you live. Simple, right?

I like simplicity in fashion. And as with most other things beyond fashion, I also like versatility and being able to use one tool for multiple purposes. And there is nothing more versatile than a simple piece of woven cloth, un-tailored. It’s no wonder then that you find a simple panel of cloth, in many cultures from warm weather climes to cold used in a variety of ways.

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The the greatest example of this is the sarong and the scarf.

During the summer, a panel of cloth commonly known as a sarong, is often used as a cover up for bathing suits utilized as either a wrap skirt or dress. The sarong is so versatile though that it can even be used as head wear. They can ba wound into a scarf or turban. Why you can even use it as a purse!

When the weather gets colder, this simple piece of cloth gets transformed into a scarf or shawl. Again, the versatility of the cloth is evident in the various ways that it can be worn. It’s not limited to being a neck wrap either.

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Actually, both sarongs and scarves can be used for more than just fashion, they can also be used for decorating the home. Some of the cloth panels being produced are so pretty that they can be framed as a work of art, or as wall hangings. And in a pinch, it can even be used as a blanket!

Can you think of anything more versatile than a piece of cloth?

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One thought on “The Most Versatile Piece of Cloth You Can Own

  1. Ava Grace

    During the summer, sarongs are one of my go to pieces. That’s mostly because I am a water baby and I love to be at the pool, the lake or the beach. And when you’re at the beach, you need a good cover-up for traipsing in and out of the stores or going into a restaurant. Believe it or not, storekeepers aren’t always the happiest when you’re wandering around in just a swimsuit and flip flops.

    One of the things I love about sarongs is the patterns and the fabrics. They’re usually hand dyed or hand printed, at least. I also like the fact that they’re usually rayon or cotton. Unfortunately, that can lead to slippage.


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