2 Homemade Cold Remedies

You know its cold and flu season when you get offered to take the flu shot at almost every turn. Yesterday, I started getting that weird scratchy, achy feeling in my throat that’s always a pre-cursor to a cold. So I decided to nip it in the bud and remembered a couple of pins that I had saved on Pinterest.

Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I start drinking tea with honey and lemon already anyway, but I wanted to try out these remedies and see if they work any better.

Image source: A Little Life

The first one is this pretty Lemon Honey Jam from A Little Life. It seemed very easy to make and quite pretty too. All it is is some lemon slices suspended in honey and you keep the jar in the refrigerator until it gets a jam like consistency. When you want to make tea, just take a spoonful of it and pour hot water.

Image Source: Keeper of the Home

The second remedy is a Cold Kicker Recipe from Keeper of the Home made of ginger, onion, rosemary, sage, horseradish, garlic and cayenne pepper suspended in apple cider vinegar.   You’ll be making a tea out of this concoction too by adding a spoonful or two to hot water. With this one, I’m thinking you can probably also just take it like cough syrup and drink it up straight. It’s got all the makings of a good chicken soup only much more concentrated.

The only thing with this second recipe is that it needs to ferment for a couple of weeks to get all the flavors together. I already got mine started.

With these two things in my arsenal, I think a cold would be afraid to come near our house! What do you think? Do you have a concoction to keep the cold away?

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One thought on “2 Homemade Cold Remedies

  1. Scarlett Rose

    I have the problem of running nose during this season. I feel pretty good by taking a spoon of honey regularly. The Lemon Honey Jam seems to be good alternative to honey. I am going to have a change in my taste. Let’s hope for the best.

    Thanks for the valuable two options to fight with the cold 🙂


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