Two recipes for Yard-Long, Snake or Asparagus Beans

I try to plant these long beans in our garden every year that I can find seeds. There was a time when the only place I could find the seeds was at the Asian markets or have seeds sent to me by my mom. For the last couple of years though, I have been finding them at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

They are just as easy to grow as the regular green beans. They are climbers though, so you’ll have to make sure they have something to climb on.

Once they get started putting out, they can be quite prolific. We were having  them for our veggie dish almost everyday and I still managed to freeze some for later!

Here are a couple of recipes using these type of beans but if you don’t have long beans, you can use regular green beans and it would still be delicious!

Ginisang Sitaw – Stirfried Long Beans

Ginisang Sitaw – Stirfried Long Beans


The longs beans we planted in the garden is now at its peak and we have been harvesting quite a handful daily. The photo below is what we picked last Sunday morning along with the peppers which I used in the chicken stew that accompanied this side dish. My daughter whose plate that is in the first photo above, ate her … Read entire article »


Yard-long Beans with Coconut Milk

Yard-long Beans with Coconut Milk


This is an update to the gising-gising recipe that we previously posted on this blog. Since the garden has been quite prolific with these beans, I had to freeze some of them yesterday. I left out enough for our lunch though, and decided that this updated version to the gising-gising recipe is in order. The original recipe did not have … Read entire article »

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