FREE College Application Week in NC

This week, November 12 – 16, is the North Carolina College Application Week. That means NC students can apply to college online at and they will waive the application fee.

If you have or have had students applying for college, you know how expensive these application fees can get especially if your student is applying to more than one school.

Some colleges have qualifying requirements in order to get the fee waived such as that application fees are waived for students who receive the SAT and/or ACT fee waiver. However, there are many universities who simply waive the fee for all applicants during this week.

This is a terrific opportunity for NC students; one that I think is not as commonly known as it should be. So if you know of a high school senior, encourage them to submit their applications this week!

This initiative has been around for a few years now and both my daughters were able to take advantage of the savings offered by the application waiver.

Aside from college applications, this is also the time of year to get students to start applying for scholarships if they haven’t already. is a great starting place for applications and scholarships that every senior should be taking advantage of. Actually, high school freshmen can establish an account early in order to get notifications for events such as this free application week.

Which reminds me, it’s time to get ‘the girl’ (my youngest daughter) to create an account at

Is there a similar organization in your state?

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