Silently cheering for raindrops

I like watching raindrops race across my window and silently cheer for them

The quote above is a facebook page that I ran across sometime ago and the sentiment has stuck with me since then every time I see raindrops on my window.  Today is one of those days.

I am a warm weather girl and I don’t enjoy the rain, cold and snow. But you know what, I can dislike them all I want and they will still be there. There is nothing I can do about them. They are part of life.

But just because I dislike something doesn’t mean I can’t find the good in them. That’s part of life too.

When I’ve gotten over my initial complaints about the wetness and the chilliness, I settle down and start enjoying the thrills that these things that I dislike bring like the raindrops racing across my window.

When I watch the raindrops on the window with colors of autumn just beyond, I am reminded again how in everything there is something to smile about, something to rejoice in, something to love…. even in the things that we think we dislike.


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