Why We Are No Longer Friends on Facebook



Dear Ex-FB friend,

Since you asked, I will tell you why we are no longer friends on facebook.

First of all, we were never friends in real life. You seemed like a nice person and you probably thought the same about me so we became friends online through our blogs and through facebook. Not having met each other for real is not the issue though. I have many friends that I only know online and consider those friendships quite real.

The issue is, I started noticing how different our outlooks and opinions are. But that’s not the main reason either. I have many friends who post opinions totally against mine and some of them will even do so on my own posts. That’s alright with me. I realized that we can’t all agree about the same thing, but we can still get along.

I do take offense though when your posts starts taking on a hateful tone. When you deride others for their belief or their status in life or their lifestyle, then we have a problem. When you make fun of someone for the color of their skin, then we have a real problem. When you pander to stereotypes and think that you are merely expressing an opinion, then I don’t want to think of you as friend anymore.

Not that being on one’s friends list made us friends. You interacted with me on facebook minimaly; you rarely commented or liked anything I had to say while I at least clicked the ‘like’ button (when you’re not posting anything offensive, that is) just to let you know I saw you on my feed. I comment on your posts when I have something relevant to say, but not once have you replied or acknowledged that you saw my comment.

So, really, there has been no big change from me deleting you from my friends list. I didn’t block you, so you probably still see me on your feed, but I am no longer subjected to your hate filled posts.

I’m not surprised that it took you over two months to notice that we are no longer friends!

Since you finally noticed and had the temerity to ask, this is the reason why.

Your EX friend on facebook

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