Planning for Outdoor Living Already

Jan18 019

Durham finally got its first snow fall of the season last Thursday night. It didn’t come as early as in previous years when we got snow in early December then on Christmas day. Nonetheless, it was exciting for us who don’t normally get snow. I was also hoping enough snow would fall so that we’d have a snow day on Friday.

Of course, it didn’t happen. No snow day for me. Snow did fall, and it was a joy to see. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough to stick on the pavements and only caused a two hour delay to the start of our day.

Just a few days before the predicted day, we had sunny, 70 degree days. It almost felt springlike and my husband swears some of the daffodils out back started to sprout already.

But then by the middle of the week, the temperature started dipping to the more seasonal lows. It was cold the the breeze was biting. It made us wish we had one of those sunrooms. We spend a lot of time outside even in the wintertime, and it would have been nice to have some sort of shelter from the wind.

Talking about sunrooms, we were considering how much easier and more convenient too, if we can start some of our plants in a greenhouse or sunroom.  I think they call them all-season rooms now.

My husband is seriously adding a room in the back of the house stretching across its whole width and turning into a mudroom/all-season room. We want to make it flexible enough so that it would still be like sitting outside when the weather is warm, but have it be comfortable enough to sit in even when the weather is cold or there is snow on the ground.

He already built a couple of storage houses in the backyard for his tools and garden implements so I know he’s fully capable of building us a sunroom. Last year, he worked on getting the storage houses and the patio paved. I think he may have just decided on this year’s project.

Now my job will be to start deciding on an affordable design and start shopping for materials. Like most things around our house involving design though, it will probably still come down to his decision with just a small input from me. lol!

My only requirement is that we have a screened in area big enough that we can have some of our meals outdoor this summer and not be overrun with bugs. Summertime is really more my season of choice than winter.

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