Cheap Lunch at LiMing’s

Spring is definitely on its way in but some days are still chilly and soup-weather like. So when it’s been cold and gray and I just need a quick pick me up of something warm, this soup has been my salvation. It helps that it’s only a five minute drive from my job so I can just pop in there, pick up a bowl and be back at my desk before you know it. Yes, I eat at my desk on most days and I like it that way 🙂

There’s plenty of other eating places near my office, but this has been the best deal I’ve found so far. For two buck, you get a pint sized bowl of soft silky tofu smothered in a spicy soup with mushrooms, pickles and beaten eggs. It satisfies my craving for something warm and comforting and it’s perfect for my Asian palate that can only take so much of chicken noodle soup, as good as it could be.

If you’re familiar with Durham, you need to check out LiMing’s Global Market in the old South Square area, just right behind Toys-R-Us. The market is located in the  old Circuit City location and they carry almost every ethnic item you can think of from novelties to produce, to meats and fish. The treat for me every time I go in there though is the prepared food section. They have a bakery that offers freshly baked goods you will not find in your run of the mill bakery and the restaurant area has prepared foods that you can get for cheap! You get a ton of rice and three items for $5.99 and for me, I can usually eat off it twice! The restaurant is nothing fancy, no tablecloths on the tables, no china or silverware, just paper plates and plastic forks, but the food they serve is just as good as what you can order at a good Chinese restaurant. This is not your mall type Chinese fast-food.

And if like me, you just want something quick and light like soup, you can order their silken tofu soup for $1.98! What a deal, eh? And it’s good and probably more healthy for you than what you get at any of the surrounding fast food eateries. Now I just made myself hungry! See you there lunchtime 🙂


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