Potent Cold Remedy or the Makings of Kimchi?


Tomorrow is the first day of spring yet winter seems to be determined to put in its last hurrah. And just when I think I’ve gone through the whole season without as much as a cough, that itchy, scratchy feeling in my throat is slowly trying to take hold.

So I was immediately reminded of my sister’s tonic. I’ve posted about cold remedies before, and the favorite at our house has always been the lemon and honey jelly. However, a couple of weeks ago after I mentioned that the girl is again battling another round for cold/flu, she said maybe I needed something stronger. She’s been making what she calls her moon tonic and she swears by it. She who has always been the Childrens vitamins pusher in our family, had a new remedy.

I couldn’t help but laugh though when she sent me the link. It was the plague tonic! It is supposed to combat chicken plague. No, there is no disease with that name. What it means is, it fights off plague from infesting chicken! I’m serious!

But supposedly, it also works for people and keeps the cold and flu viruses away. My sister has been making her moon tonic and she swears it is why she and her girls haven’t been sick. Although I can’t see her girls taking this thing. My grown daughter who goes to visit them often says it’s terrible! lol!

I was curious about my sister’s other innovation though, and this, I am looking forward to see when I visit in a couple of weeks.
anti-plague pulp
When you make the tonic recipe, you end up with pulp residue like what’s pictured above. My sister doesn’t have chicken to feed it to as the article suggested, but she does love her some kimchi! So she says she’s been using the pulp to make kimchi! Well it sounds sensible. It does have all the basic ingredients you would use to make kimchi, so why not?

As for this scratchy throat though, I don’t think it can wait for the moon tonic to ferment. I think it’s back to the honey lemon tea for now.


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One thought on “Potent Cold Remedy or the Makings of Kimchi?

  1. Omom

    LOL! I also made a batch that deviated from original recipe, instead of organic raw vinegar I used VODKA! That’s my PM version. Another arsenal added to my supply of go-to bug fighter is oregano oil capsule from Gaia…love the stuff and brought some for mom. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you! XOXO


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