Sprucing Up for Spring

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It’s finally looking and feeling like spring! You know what that means…

Yep, time to spruce things up inside and outside the house. It’s a good thing that the sunny, warmer weather seems to invigorate and energize me. I’m pumped and have several projects around the house already planned and some underway.

For some reason, the brighter, more cheerful weather is having the same effect on me as the spring flowers. After hibernating and languishing over the cold months, I feel ready to get out and bloom. Even with my blogging, I am feeling more optimistic about.

I posted several articles on the backyard blog already on ideas for the garden and general sprucing up around the house:

Ideas on how to decorate your yard and your home with flags does not mean just the American flag or other country flag, there are also flags that celebrate the seasons or the holidays.

With warmer nights, festive lighting outdoors will give the perfect ambiance for staying out later and/or spending time with family and friends. My girls and I love stringing lights even indoors year round and not only during Christmas.

Living outdoors, don’t neglect your outdoor furniture. There are so many options now on the type of furniture for your backyard. Get some that suit your personality but are also functional and attractive.

Finally, there is nothing like a water feature to complete the overall serenity and beauty of your backyard. There is something very soothing about the sound of running water. An added plus, is also that your feathered and furry friends will love having someplace to cool off when the summer weather reaches its peak.

Finally, let’s not forget the inside of the house. It’s time to air out that stuffy air from being closed up for the winter. Dust everything off, pare down the ‘stuff’ and get it all airy and bright just like the outside. Get More Info on different ways to spruce up your interior decor online or from magazines, whatever works for you. For me, an overall cleaning and re-organizing is all it takes to make me feel lighter and brighter again.

Good thing that days are longer because this time also gets me crafty and DIYish. It brings out my inner Martha. lol!

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