I Will Never Go Hungry Again

let me eat lunch

“As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again!” so said Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind.

That’s been my line too for as long as I can remember. Just please don’t let me go hungry! I become an evil witch when I’m hungry. I could eat little kids when I’m hungry. I’m surprised I haven’t eaten any of my girls when they were little as they always kept me from eating on time.

When I don’t eat on time, when I let hunger overtake me, my fingers start shaking, my knees and arm become weak and rubbery, and I turn into the grumpy monster.

My daughter should have known that when I said, “I haven’t eaten all day. I need to eat. Now.”

But no, what did she do? She took me driving all over town, in downtown traffic, to find a quaint out of the way cafe that she thought I would like. Which, on a normal day, I would have been raving about too.

But on a day when all I want is to get something in me so I can feel better, finding something chic and boho was just not a priority. Don’t mess with me when I’m hungry. I could have gone to Taco Bell, had a supreme burrito, and would have been perfectly happy.

So, she takes a photo of me, still without a smile, just wanting my hunger shakes to go away already.

I must admit, when I felt better, that the place she took us too was quite nice indeed and I think the food that I inhaled was pretty good too. I’ll have to go back when I am less hungry to appreciate the food more.

How about you? How are you when you’re starving? Would you survive in a desert island until you find a source of food? Yes? Good for you. I’ll be the one having a temper tantrum because my stomach is growling.


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