This Man Could Go to Jail Because His House Was Vandalized


What if ┬áthese kids were yours: they are 8-10 years old, they are out on their own at night, broke into someone else’s property, and proceeded to vandalize the property. They get caught doing it, and get shoved into a closet until the police get there. What would you do?

If that had been me or my husband when we were kids, not only would our parents tell the police to keep us in jail overnight, we would not be able to sit on our butts for days and we will be grounded and working to fix what we damaged all summer long. Actually my husband said if he had done that to his neighbor, not only would the neighbor not hesitate about spanking him, he would get another beating when he got home.

So tell me, what has gone wrong when the injured party is the one who is charged with a crime?

This man who was renovating his father-in-law’s house and caught the vandals could face a year in prison for putting the kids in danger by locking them in the closet before the police got there. The parents say the kids are traumatized and that the man should have let the kids go instead of imprisoning them in the closet since he knew who they were and where they lived. They are filing charges against the man whose property was broken into and damaged by their children, costing about $40,000 in damages. That man is being charged with Endangering the Welfare of the Child.

I wonder what the parents who allow their 8-10 year old children to be wandering out at 9 PM will be charged with?

What do you think?



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