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The Artisan office is one where a person can read, sit, think and be creative. It is the room with soft, neutral colors with dark accent pieces that presents itself in a clear and clean manner, which lends to its provision of mental clarity. A room such as this is simplistic in appearance and allows for relaxation. Offices that take this appearance are welcoming to clients as well.

No matter how an office is used—whether for creation, meeting with clients or drafting briefs–furniture or accent pieces that encourage a tranquil atmosphere provide a place of quiet and focus. Coinciding with the need for storage in an office where books, paperclips, file folders, pens, printer paper and other office supplies, need for storage accent pieces not only lend to the professional appeal of the office, but also provide places to store items.

The desk inside an office is often the focal point to any room and it is a place that a person will sit at for long durations of time. It is essential that each item placed on the desk reflect the personality of the worker so as to encourage relaxation and focus to any task at hand. In addition, each item placed on the desk should serve as a functional tool—whether it be to store a notepad or something fun that brings about creativity. For instance, a small globe can get the mind’s creative juices flowing while this accents a travel agency’s international travel theme.

Shelves are other exquisite pieces of furniture that display decorative items and serve to provide functionality, such as to store books or other things needed in the office. They are also a beautiful way to showcase family pictures and other decorative items that may otherwise clutter the office space.

In addition, the office is a place to display personal tastes, such as hobbies or collections. For instance, a golf ball display can be made of dark-colored, solid wood and can be stored on the wall in an elegant manner. For the professional that takes clients out for games of golf, this addition to the office is tasteful, provides a conversation piece and helps to strengthen rapport.

Storage accent pieces are robust, solid and provide old world charm. They can be made from metal, leather or solid wood to serve as bookends, ottomans or trays to place supplies. Solid storage accent pieces clean up an office by keeping supplies hidden and providing a beautiful and professional appearance.

Choosing particular storage accent pieces instantly beautify an otherwise bland office. Set the office apart with style, charisma and personality. A person is in their office for roughly a third of their professional career. An office should be well-suited to induce focus and motivation.

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