Keeping Homes Intact with Home Warranty Protection


When people buy appliances, electronics, and other common household goods, they often realize that they have a finite warranty on these belongings. However, once the warranties expire, many people neglect to consider what other protection they should invest in to keep those goods functioning properly. When a stove, refrigerator, central heating unit, or other household fixture breaks down, it may cost the person who owns it money that he or she cannot afford. Rather than face this financial burden, homeowners can protect their houses and their appliances protected with a policy like Total Protect Home Warranty.

Before they invest in this policy, homeowners may want to get a quote for it first. They can do so by checking out the website and filling out an online form. The form asks for basic details, including their names, phone numbers, zip codes, and email addresses. After they put in these facts, people can submit the form and begin the process of getting a quote that is tailored to their individual homes and properties. The website also gives a customer service number that potential clients can call for more information.

Once they submit the form, people may also want to explore the information on the website to find out how much money they could be eligible for to put toward the repair or replacement of their appliances. Paying for a contractor to come out to a person’s home to fix the air conditioning unit or replace the wiring in a dishwasher can be expensive. Most contractors charge by the hour, in addition to any parts and labor that goes into the repair job. Many contractors also expect payment upfront and will not issue lines of credit for customers. If people lack the money to pay upfront, they often have to save it up before they can hire an electrician, plumber, or air conditioning professional. With this warranty, however, homeowners could go ahead and hire someone to come out to make the repairs, knowing that their policy could cover most or all of the expenses.

Once the work is done, homeowners want to avoid any doubts about the quality of the workmanship. This warranty offers a 180 day guarantee to ensure that people are satisfied with the work that was done on their homes. If they have an issue or need something to be repaired or replaced, they can call the company for help.

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