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Twittering From La La Land

Blogging will be a bit slow this week as I’m in Los Angeles to visit my Lola (grandma) who is not doing well in the hospital. Will try to update, but internet access may be intermittent.

I’ll try to twitter instead as much as I have an opportunity to. See the sidebar for updates.

I’m Twittering

I signed up for Twitter a while back but never really got into it. I figured, I can just say in a blog post what I can say on Twitter, can’t I?

Well not really. Blogs allow you to be long winded while in Twitter, you need to be more succinct. Just quickie little updates. No need to write about everything else. It has its purpose I suppose. So, since my husband and my daughter Jade signed up and chose to “follow” me, I guess I better give them something to follow. lol!

So if you’re a twitter and want to follow me, the badge is on the right sidebar under “What I’m up to…” Watch me twitter! 😀

Batang Kaning Lamig

Batang Kaning LamigAs bloggers, it would be our wildest dreams to be published. Published in real print. In books. After all didn’t someone say somewhere that we all have a great novel in us just waiting to come out? Several bloggers have achieved this feat of going from blogging to books and I am lucky to have as friend one such blogger.

Batjay, as he is known on the blogosphere, is an engineer who first started blogging to ease the loneliness and boredom of working abroad and being away from friends and family. He is the kind of person you’d want to hang out with and just listen to the with and intelligence that just naturally sprouts in his conversations and from his writing. Eventually, that is how his blog, aptly titled Kwentong Tambay (stories from the hangout), became just a big hang out joint where we share his stories, his insights and his humor.

Kaning Lamig He has already published one book based on his blog with the same name, Kwentong Tambay, which chronicles his experiences being an Overseas Filipino Worker. Now, he unveils his second book, Mga Kwento ng Batang Kaning Lamig. Roughly translated, it means Stories by the Cold Rice Kid. I’m not a linguist so my rough translation is far from the true inflection of the title.

This second book highlights another of Batjay’s talent as an artist and his love for graphic novels. If you happen to be in Manila on April 14, make sure to stop by the book launch at Fully Booked the author himself will be there signing copies. In the meantime, we who are abroad will have to wait until it becomes available online 🙂

A year of Thanks

I always joked that the reason I married him was because he promised to always wash the dishes for me. Friends and family told him he was crazy to want to marry me. MY friends and family warned him. The poor guy went for it anyway, claiming he was getting a great deal. I happen to disagree. I got the better deal.

The Blogkadahan topic this month is all about the things that we are thankful for. I am thankful that we have been relatively healthy, the girls have been doing well in school and as things go, I think we have all been happy. This year has been good to us.

This being November when my anniversary and husband’s birthday fall along with Thanksgiving, I decided to thank the little things he does for me all year. They are, after all, what makes the big picture.

NC College Application Week – Apply for FREE!

One of the best resources for college bound students in North Carolina is CFNC’s tag line is “helping you plan, apply and pay for college” and they do just that. Students can register for an account by their freshman year in high school and they can track and keep their records organized, get notified of scholarships and grants they are eligible for; when it comes time to apply for colleges, they only need to complete their personal information once and the site will keep their ‘master’ application that they can then send to universities.

Anyone who has a college bound student knows how expensive it can get to apply for college. This is just to apply mind you, not the cost of attending college. There are tests that you have to pay for, and believe it or not, you have to pay to apply. The whole process can get quite expensive.

Thanks to NC Governor Easley, some North Carolina families can breath a little easier this holiday season. The press release below declares this week College Application Week. That means that between November 12-16, 2007, students can apply to most NC Colleges and Universities for FREE!
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