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FREE College Application Week in NC

This week, November 12 – 16, is the North Carolina College Application Week. That means NC students can apply to college online at and they will waive the application fee.

If you have or have had students applying for college, you know how expensive these application fees can get especially if your student is applying to more than one school.

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First Day of School!

It’s the first day of school for my girls and they all actually got up on time this morning even though they never really adjusted their sleeping schedule and were still living like vampires up until this weekend. They were actually glad to go back to school, I think. I know they’re looking forward to seeing their friends again.

The only one not too happy this morning is my youngest daughter who is starting middle school. The school she’s going to now is much bigger than her elementary school and it’s a magnet school so the kids that she went to school with since kindergarten won’t be there (except for 2 that we know of). Everything is brand new and she is a little nervous. Well, maybe a lot more nervous.

She is excited about her classes though. She’s finally getting to choose her electives and I think that made her feel more grown up and in control. She’s going to a magnet school with a concentration in the arts so her electives this semester are 3D art media and piano; then she has her usual core classes. I can’t wait to pick her up this afternoon to see how she fared.

schoolWhile visiting other mom bloggers and seeing how they are coping with the back-to-school experience, I ran acorss these useful back-to-school tips for dealing with your child’s teacher from MomSpark:

  1. Don’t gossip and don’t go behind the tearcher’s back. Make her your ally, not your enemy.
  2. Do be open and honest with the teacher. Stay positive, not defensive. Tell her your expectations for your child and that you’re willing to work with her to accomplish your mutual goals.
  3. Do give the teacher a head’s up on anything major going on in your child’s life ( ie: divorce, a death in the family, etc) with a quick phone call or stopping by before or after school. You would be surprised at how many parents don’t do this!
  4. Do write quick notes or emails to the teacher. Email is a great way to communicate with teachers.
  5. Remember to read all notes sent home and sign homework folders/agendas/etc. every night.
  6. If you have time, volunteer! It might give you a unique perspective into what the teacher is dealing with on a daily basis.

The bottom line is, communicate. Stay in touch with your child’s teachers from day one and don’t wait until parent conference time to meet with them and discuss your child’s needs and goals.

Art for the Summer

Having an artist for a father, the girls have always been exposed to the art of creating art since the day they were born.

Dad & Mara

They all love to make one kind of craft or another, but they all ultimately love to draw and paint.

My oldest daughter, Asi, will be going off to a summer long art session soon, at the North Carolina School of the Arts. It’s a summer session for high school students where she will start earning college credits for the courses she will be taking. She’ll have classes in drawing and sculpture.


Last weekend, we started putting her supplies together. She needs to bring art supplies, which her dad is taking care of with her. But since she will be staying in the dorm all summer, she also needed to bring other supplies like toiletries, beddings, cleaning and laundry supplies (I’m seriously wondering if she’ll even use these 😛 ), and of course other miscellaneous stuff. From looking at the stuff we got at Target, you’d think she was moving into her own apartment!


*SIGH* They sure grow up too fast don’t they? It seems like only yesterday when they were painting in the backyard.

NC College Application Week – Apply for FREE!

One of the best resources for college bound students in North Carolina is CFNC’s tag line is “helping you plan, apply and pay for college” and they do just that. Students can register for an account by their freshman year in high school and they can track and keep their records organized, get notified of scholarships and grants they are eligible for; when it comes time to apply for colleges, they only need to complete their personal information once and the site will keep their ‘master’ application that they can then send to universities.

Anyone who has a college bound student knows how expensive it can get to apply for college. This is just to apply mind you, not the cost of attending college. There are tests that you have to pay for, and believe it or not, you have to pay to apply. The whole process can get quite expensive.

Thanks to NC Governor Easley, some North Carolina families can breath a little easier this holiday season. The press release below declares this week College Application Week. That means that between November 12-16, 2007, students can apply to most NC Colleges and Universities for FREE!
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