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This made my day!

My girls never liked to eat school cafeteria food so they always brought their own lunch from home. When they were in elementary school, I would pack their lunches for them but by the time they reached middle school and high school, it became their job to pack their own lunches.

Today though, the tables were turned on me when my youngest daughter packed a lunch for me. I had never been so thrilled to bring a packed lunch to work!

First off, she packed it in her own lunch bag. I don’t think she realized though how strange it would be for me to carry this into a medical related facility. LOL!

lunch bag

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Should We Get Rid of our Babies?

Meet our his and hers babies. They’re pretty sad lookin’ aren’t they?

They’re our babies before we met each other. His is the black Triumph and mine is the Blue Firebird. We just had our 21st anniversary, so that means we’ve had these two for over 20 years.

Since we married and had kids, we used these cars only during our early years together. After that, we got ‘family’ cars and vans to accomodate the kids, but we never got rid of our babies. We just took them to the backyard where my husband would occasionaly start them up just to make sure they’re still alive. Aside from being moved around the yard, they really haven’t been driven for years.

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The Wet Burrito

wet burrito

There is nothing like a wet burrito to get my family into the kitchen quickly. There are days when I need a bullhorn to get everyone unglued from their computers or tv screens and into the kitchen for dinner, then there are days when there is wet burrito. On days when I announce we are having all-meat beef burritos, I don’t have to say it  twice. They are immediately at the table.

For my youngest daughter who is not even a big meat eater, she comes to watch the sour cream slide off the burrito.

Of course, she still eats her share of the tender, delicately seasoned beef encased in a large flour tortilla and doused with the paprika and chili flavored gravy that the beef were stewed in. The sliding cream is just an added pleasure 🙂


Do You Put Up Halloween Decorations?

Image Source: The Budget Decorator

Do you decorate for the seasons or for that matter every holiday? There is a house in our neighborhood that decorates their front lawn year round, depending on the season and the occasion. Of course they catch all the major holidays like Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter; but depending on the mood of the owners, they will also put up decorations for the lesser holidays. Flag Day, for example, or Ground Hog Day. We, the neighbors, sure enjoy going by there to check out what’s new!

Me, however, that’s about all I can muster regarding holiday decorations, to admire other people’s efforts. I barely get by decorating inside the house for the kids’ sake as it is.

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A Very Wet Spring Weekend


Yesterday was the 5th of May and it started out warm and sunny. My youngest daughter was yearning for some ‘alone’ time with mommy so she was up and dressed early on a Saturday, hoping that her older sister would do her usual sleeping in until afternoon and would not go with us. She did not disappoint.

So the girl and I were off early for our day out. We started out at Target because she wanted to replenish her supply of tights and net stockings. They have them at Target for just $5 each, which was just perfectly in my price range.

After shopping around, we went out to lunch, just the two of us, which is probably her favorite part of the outing, almost on equal par with the foray into Barnes & Noble.

It was late afternoon by the time we got home after additional stops at Walmart and the grocery store. The sky had darkened and was looking ominous as we unloaded the car and by the time we had put away stuff and I got dinner started, it started pouring. Not one of those light spring showers, it was the curtain of water kind of rain, making our plans to grill something in celebration of Cinco de Mayo kind of moot.

So they had their chili dogs cooked stove top and I made a quick vegetable curry out of the eggplants and cauliflower that I was going to grill.

Today, it’s still cloudy and damp outside but we’re hopeful that it will dry up enough that we can continue with our cook out plans.

How’s your weekend going?