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How Do You Spend Your Paycheck?

Do you even know where your paycheck goes? Sometimes I am at a loss where my paycheck went or if it even came at all! Did I even get paid? ‘Cause some days, it sure doesn’t feel like it. My wallet is still empty!

If you have that feeling a little to often, then it’s time to take a closer look at your finances.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we evaluate all the things that we spend money on. It’s almost time to file taxes, folks! If you have children in college, it’s also that time of year again when they renew their FAFSA applications and if you’re like me, you’ll probably have to renew yours too. It’s not only time to file your income taxes, the deadline for paying your property taxes has also just passed. For some employers, it is also the time to wrap up your medical spending accounts and re-budget for the next year.

Money is what’s on my plate this week so I found it interesting to stumble across this infographic this morning which shows how the average consumer spends their paycheck.


It comes pretty close to reflecting my actual spending habit. Some things like our housing, insurance and transportation expenses are pretty static and there’s not much else you can do about it. But the rest of the expenses like food, entertainment and ‘everything else’, we can do something about. And I am still determined to even be more frugal this year. We waste a lot of stuff!

How about you, does this infographic reflect your spending habits?



My Craft Ideas on Pinterest

Sometimes I wish I was more crafty or have time to do crafts. I have a board on Pinterest labeled ‘Craft Ideas’ but I think it is more accurate to describe it as my crafts wishlist.

It is a collection of things that I either wish I had time to do or wish I knew how to do.

My other purpose for having this board is also to bookmark ideas that may come in handy one day. Of which, one of those days cropped up resently when my youngest daughter asked me to make her a pompom for a hat she just knitted.

I know, you just gotta love your kids. They always think you know how to do everything! Thank goodness for Google! I didn’t look quite the dummy as I quickly crafted a pompom out of yarn. She was quite impressed.

If only she knew. LOL!

Anyway, while learning how to make pompoms from yarn, I saw this terrific idea which uses old t-shirts.

Well with three t-shirt wearing girls, we are never out of rags and you can only use so much for rags. I think this this a better idea to re-cycle them more constructively. I would love to try making these! Continue reading

No Man Is An Island or so they say

A collective sigh of relief can almost be heard when President Obama was elected to four more years in office. Today, the whining, threats and recriminations from those who wanted him out was all I heard.

I read about someone declaring today that he will not have anymore to do with anyone who voted for Obama be they friend or family. Of course, he started by un-friending every democrat on his facebook friends list. He swears he will also not patronize any establishments that honor welfare benefits and just about anything else that may be even remotely connected to democrats or the Obama administration. I think he is going to be one very lonely guy soon. I hope he finds that island he’s dreaming up.

For us who voted for Obama, there was really no other choice. Romney did not give us viable alternatives. He does not work for us who are in the 47% as he so blatantly stated. 

Image Source: Dr. Bob on facebook

The Most Versatile Piece of Cloth You Can Own

A panel of fabric is one piece of fashion that everyone can own no matter where you live. Simple, right?

I like simplicity in fashion. And as with most other things beyond fashion, I also like versatility and being able to use one tool for multiple purposes. And there is nothing more versatile than a simple piece of woven cloth, un-tailored. It’s no wonder then that you find a simple panel of cloth, in many cultures from warm weather climes to cold used in a variety of ways.

Image source:

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