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On my blogs…

Here’s another update on what’s been going on in our other blogs.

On our review blog, FOUND NOT LOST, we posted about a site we found on how to fold money origami, entered a book giveaway, and found a site to keep guys out of the dog house.

On our food blog, COOKED FROM THE HEART, we had the bunny baos, the black bottomed pie and steak Diane.

Bunny Bao Black Bottom Pie Steak Diane

IN OUR BACKYARD, we’re just getting the beds primed for planting again. We have, however, just harvested our first crop of greens and managed to sock a couple of bags away in the freezer already! I’m excited. I can’t wait for the tomatoes, beans, zucchinis and herbs to come. We also now have four fruit trees that grew out of the compost. We now have peach, pear and cherry trees! Only on their second year, the peaches already have some fuzzy buds coming out. I can’t wait to see if they will put out some fruit this year.

That Week That Was

Bah! Time sure flies when you don’t watch it. Well, when you get busy at home and at work, then time just slips away without you even knowing it. No sense crying over slipped time though, you just keep on going.

Even though I hadn’t updated in over a week, that doesn’t mean I’ve been totally slack about blogging. I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen. Here’s what I’ve dished up lately:

Spinach Lasagna Roast Pork Cracklings Steak Diane

I entered several contests/giveaways this past week and I was lucky to win one of them! I entered Tropical Escape Basket Giveaway from Saved Not Stupid to celebrate her website launch, and guess what, I won! I’m excited. She said she’s sending my prize next week. I’ll have to hide it from the girls so they don’t get all the good stuff before I get to it ๐Ÿ™‚

There were also several book giveaways that I entered on Found Not Lost. I don’t know yet if I won any of those, but I’m hoping. If you’d like to win books, check out my newest blog find, S. Krishna’s Books. She reads tons of books then gives them away when she’s done.

I’m also reviving the backyard blog. I think it’s supposed to finally stop raining this weekend so maybe we can go out to the garden and start puttering around again. I looked back there today and already I am seeing lots of green. I’ll see if I can get out there tomorrow and take some photos of the returnees.

In the meantime, here’s something just for your dancing pleasure. It sure made me dance! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Edible Gardens

It’s still coat weather where we are. When you look outside, the trees are bare and the ground is brown. Just a few weeks ago, our backyard was covered in snow. The snow is gone now, it didn’t last long, but everything still looks dead back there. You’d think it’s too soon to start thinking of spring, but really, the way time has been rolling by lately, it will be here before you know it. I’m already thinking up ideas on what to plant and how to plant it. I’ve even started buying up seeds. in a couple of weeks, we can probably start our seedlings already.

There’s an idea I’ve been toying with but I don’t know how well of a reception it will receive from my husband who really is the one who does all the gardening. I’m just the idea person. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now I’ve always been a no fuss kind of person. I’ve never had much need or talent for ornamentation. That’s why I never could relate to people who are obsessive about verdant lawns and manicured gardens. Sure, it’s fine if you live in a palace like Versailles, but if I only have a small plot of land to do what I want with, I would rather plant something I can eat than something for others to admire. That’s why our front lawn had never interested me. Up until now that is…

I was thinking, what if we expand our vegetable garden to the front yard? Watch the video below. Some people are already doing it!

So what do you think? It would certainly increase the amount of food we can produce! It wold also add more visual interest and variety rather than just plain ol’ green grass. That’s my thinking!

A fairy tale

I remember a time when Sears was THE Store. My step-dad worked there and retired from there. We grew up using Sears products, wearing Sears clothing, hell, we practically lived at the store! But they werenโ€™t THE Store because my step-dad worked there and enjoyed the employee discount on all our purchases; there was actually a time when Sears was THE store where you can get great quality merchandise and excellent customer service.

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The Lily Garden

lilgardenI have to say our lilies are were looking great this year. That is until the thunderstorm that came through a couple of days ago and knocked off some of the blooms. I’m glad I took this photo when I did.

Can you believe we brought these plants with us eleven years ago when we moved to Durham from Los Angeles? We had these growing around our house there, so we decided to bring a few plants with us to remember our old garden. My husband first had them in pots but they weren’t doing so well. We were down to three plants when he finally decided to put them in the backyard and see how they will fare. Lo and behold, they took off! We now have probably over a hundred plants and still growing every year. They provide color in the garden but they also serve as a privacy fence for us since they are so tall. They make a nice border to the garden, and a nice reminder to our old house.