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His Day is Done

Some call him a terrorist, a communist, and even a sell-out. To many more, he is a revolutionary, a visionary, and a hero. And his day came to an end this week.

Tomorrow, world leaders, dignitaries, family and friends memorialize him who who showed the world that forgiveness and reconciliation is not as impossible as it seems; him who proved that love does conquer after all.

Sleep well, Madiba. Thank you.

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Shutdown Affects the Hungry and Needy the Most


Image Source: Closed for Business on MSNBC

Day two of the government shutdown and for most people, other than the ones who received furlough notices yesterday, the effects are probably just starting to sink in. For others, it probably won’t make much of a difference ever. Life will go on as usual. But there are quite a few people out there who will soon be feeling the effects of the government shutdown physically.

People who depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP aka food stamps) and the Child Nutrition Programs (school lunches and other feeding programs) may lose this much needed supplement by the end of October if the the government does not get its act together. WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children will receive no more federal funding. Depending on reserves left at each state, the effects could be immediate.

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This Man Could Go to Jail Because His House Was Vandalized


What if  these kids were yours: they are 8-10 years old, they are out on their own at night, broke into someone else’s property, and proceeded to vandalize the property. They get caught doing it, and get shoved into a closet until the police get there. What would you do?

If that had been me or my husband when we were kids, not only would our parents tell the police to keep us in jail overnight, we would not be able to sit on our butts for days and we will be grounded and working to fix what we damaged all summer long. Actually my husband said if he had done that to his neighbor, not only would the neighbor not hesitate about spanking him, he would get another beating when he got home.

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Google Glasses the Ultimate Spy Camera?

Google Glasses

Image Source: GSM Nation

Google Glasses is the new gadget being talked about in tech circles and although I am usually not one to keep up with what’s the latest in technology, I must admit that it intrigues me. What caught my attention is its ability to take photos or videos and immediately post it to social networking sites like facebook or twitter.

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Our Hearts are Broken and Tonight We Pray

Image source: Heather McCloskey Beck's Photos  on facebook.

Image source: Heather McCloskey Beck’s Photos on facebook.

“How can anyone do that?” my 15-year old daughter asked me today, to which I had no easy answer to give.

She is 15 now, not 5; I can’t sugar coat bad news anymore and I can’t honestly tell her that everything is OK, because they are not OK. No one is OK tonight, knowing that 20 parents cannot hug their babies and tuck them in to bed.

Tonight, we pray for everyone affected by this, another horrific and senseless tragedy.

Tonight, we grieve with the whole community of Newtown, Connecticut for the loss of their loved ones.

Tonight, we hug our girls just a little tighter along with many parents nationwide who are also holding on to their loved ones after the tragedy.

And tonight, as a mom, I add my tears and outrage of this event.  I pray and wish and hope that it won’t happen again, even as I know that it probably will.

And I feel selfish and guilty as I silently add, “please, not my kids”…

But I know, that prayer too, is a tenuous hope.

But when our heart is breaking, our only hope is to pray…pray that everything will be OK.