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Toys for Toddlers: Tips for Making the Best Choices


As a baby makes their way into the toddler years, their level of inquisitiveness skyrockets. Not only can they grasp things and make things happen but now they can move too! As soon as they start to toddle, whether it’s with the help of the furniture or completely independently, you need to remember that nothing is sacred. They will get into everything if you’re not careful and to try and keep them out of mischief, a good selection of toys is handy.

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Back To School Reminders for Parents of High School Students

When I was going to school, the first week of school was usually reserved for socializing and catching up on what everyone else did over the summer. I think times may have changed a bit since then.

This was the first week back to school for our district and already, even before the first school bell rang, my high schooler has been off and running. She’s been working on finishing her summer assignments in time for the first day of school. During open house, when students usually go to scope out their classrooms and meet their teachers, these students were going up to their teachers to ask questions on projects that they were assigned to work on over the summer. You can already feel their anxiety and exuberance before they even sit down for the first class. While it’s nice to see students excited to get back to work, it’s a bit daunting at the same time to see the kind of pressure some of these kids put themselves through.

Parents of high school students now have a different set of worries. The rules are somewhat different and the role of parents have drastically altered. I don’t ever remember my mom needing to be as involved by the time we were in high school. And while I have always been the laid-back mom who tried to stay out of the way and let the kids work things out on their own as much as possible, I am finding with my youngest daughter that I have to be just a little bit more involved in helping her manage her school work.

While we as parents don’t have to be as ‘hands-on’ with our high school students as when they were in grade school, they still need support and guidance. Here’s a few guidelines that have worked for me.

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Protect Your Children with Your Parenting Style

In a world where bullying, kidnapping and pedophilia have become well known terms, it is vital to teach our children how to interact with their surroundings and environment in a safe way.

No one can monitor their child 24/7. Even if that’s what we would like to do, it just isn’t realistic. So how can I protect my child? How can I keep her/him safe? Here are a few tips that I have parented by.

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This Man Could Go to Jail Because His House Was Vandalized


What if  these kids were yours: they are 8-10 years old, they are out on their own at night, broke into someone else’s property, and proceeded to vandalize the property. They get caught doing it, and get shoved into a closet until the police get there. What would you do?

If that had been me or my husband when we were kids, not only would our parents tell the police to keep us in jail overnight, we would not be able to sit on our butts for days and we will be grounded and working to fix what we damaged all summer long. Actually my husband said if he had done that to his neighbor, not only would the neighbor not hesitate about spanking him, he would get another beating when he got home.

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The Mother of all Weddings was Red!




Have Game of Thrones fans gotten over the Red Wedding episode yet? It’s been a week, I know…

…but it took me the whole of the next book in the Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin to get over the red wedding and stop hating him. I watched for a whole week on Facebook and Twitter the collective shock, then awe, then rage spread among you. So yes, I do feel your pain, Game of Thrones fans.

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