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My Laziness Gets the Best of Me

Have you had your mammogram exam yet? If you’re over 40 and haven’t yet, I can totally relate. I am the best procrastinator especially when it comes to my own health. I put off this particular torture until I was 45 when my doctor insisted I get it done and would not trust me to make the appointment but rather went ahead and scheduled it for me.

It was uncomfortable as heck, I won’t lie to you, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought and all was well with that exam.

Last week, I went for my second mammogram roughly three years later than that first one. I was supposed to go last year, but again, I procrastinated and kind of ignored it. Anyway, this year I will turn 49 so I decided to go.

Well, earlier this week, they called not with the result I was expecting. They wanted me to go back for a repeat mammogram as they found two questionable areas. Oh fun! Right? So they scheduled me to go back the following day.

When I got home that evening, I forgot to tell my husband I had an appointment the next day. Maybe I didn’t forget… but rather just procrastinated again. I know he freaks out over these kind of things.

I was right. He got upset that I didn’t tell him right away. He said I should have called him as soon as I found out. I guess he’s right. But I don’t like to dwell on things that haven’t happened yet and I don’t like being fussed over (well maybe a little 🙂 but only by him).

Well as it turns out they found two cysts. They are probably benign. My doctor thinks so too. But even then, a biopsy was recommended and scheduled for the following day which was yesterday. I went and had mine done. I wouldn’t say it was painless, but again, not as bad as I thought.

I am no stranger to cancer. I don’t think anyone is anymore. But sometimes, it just comes a little too close for comfort and this incident is just that side swipe I didn’t need. I am not freaked out about it or anything, the thing that affected me more is how my husband and family would react. With him, he was predictable as ever. Such a sweetheart! The girls were sweet too, although they are probably more worried than they let on. They are a lot like me in that way.

However, like my doctor said, it’s nothing to worry about and will more than likely be benign. In the meantime though, I have to wait until next week to hear the result.

I won’t be worrying though until there is something real to worry about. There is enough ‘what ifs’ as it is without me adding to it. Besides if you thought I was just too lazy that is why I procrastinate, then you’re right and I’m too lazy to worry too.

Now what fun thing should we do this weekend?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009

If you hadn’t noticed all the pink products on the shelf and if you didn’t already know, October is The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Celebrating it’s 25th year, The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Organization continues its mission “to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services.”

This is a good time to remember to schedule your annual mammogram especially if you’re a woman over 40 just like me. If you have a high risk for breast cancer, as in having immediate family who have been diagnosed with it, it is recommended that you be start screening earlier. While the prognosis has gotten better, it’s no longer a death sentence to have breast cancer, there are still thousands of women who die every year from this disease. Through education and awareness maybe the number of deaths will keep going down and the number of survivals will keep going up.

Obit pinkOne of the pink products you may have seen on the shelves is Orbit Gum. I received some sample Bubblemint Orbit Big-E-Paks featuring the Bright Pink packaging as well the Bright Pink “Little Bright Book,” a guide to breast and ovarian cancer risk and how to be proactive with your health, via The Buzz Cooperative and Dig Communication. They are spreading the word that Orbit White gum has partnered with the charity Bright Pink during September and October to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. Bright Pink is a national nonprofit with an exclusive focus on breast and ovarian cancer prevention and early detection in high risk young women. Ten percent of the sales generated by the purchase of each Bubblemint Orbit White gum pack during September and October will be donated to support Bright Pink’s mission to help women proactively take control of their health via education, support and community development for those at risk. You can check out this cause at BeBrightPink.org.

So while you’re out and about doing your daily errands and shopping, keep an eye out for the pink products. It is the support from companies and all the support from concerned people like you and me that has enabled the research and ground breaking treatments for breast cancer to develop. Until there is not one woman dying from breast cancer, the fight will not be over so keep up the good fight!

breast cancer donation
If you’re a blogger, you can help by joining the Blogs Against Breast Cancer 2009 campaign. All you have to do is display the badge on your blog and Diets in Review will donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of your site. Click here to join Blogs Against Breast Cancer.

Here’s a few things you can do starting this month if you haven’t already:

From Diets in Review:

Start taking steps to prevent breast cancer in yourself by incorporating positive nutrition and fitness practices in your life: