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My Two Cents on Marriage and Ammendment One

I have a hard time understanding what happened, but if the word MARRIAGE is problematic, then I do not have any issues with renaming it. Call it a partnership, call it a twosome, call it a merger….. whatever. Just give ALL families the same rights and privileges as ‘traditional’ families. Why is that so hard to do? It just seems sensible to me.

Why is it so difficult to get understanding and compassion from the same people who purport to be living by the word of God?

I’m not going into the argument of what God wants and what God meant because I don’t know it just like everyone else and anyone who professes to know is lying to you. But don’t take my word on it.

It was a sad and shameful night in NC last night when Ammendment One to the state’s constitution was passed and catapulted NC among other states who have banned same-sex marriages. North Carolina’s state constitution now specifically defines a marriage to be only between one man and one woman.

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