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Happy Birthday for the 19th time and Counting

Do you remember what you were doing two decades ago? Well, almost two decades. I do! I remember exactly what I was doing 19 years ago.

19 years ago, I was huge as a house! No, really! I was so big, I could hardly move. 11 months after my first baby, I was delivering my second. Yeah, crazy, right?

baby #2

It was a crazy time, it was exhausting, but it was also the most rewarding and joyous times. Ah, I miss having babies.

Now, she is a young lady and still screaming for attention even when she’s not trying. 🙂 That’s just the kind of young woman she is. She’ll make your head turn even if you don’t mean to. And don’t let her flash a smile at you, you’ll be sunk for sure. And if you ever get a chance to talk to her, you might as well have heard the sirens sing. You won’t be going anywhere else.

Everyday since she was born, she’s made us proud. Even then, as a new born she garnered attention as people came to gaze at the biggest baby at the nursery that day. lol! I supposed we should have realized that omen was just a taste of what was to come. She commands just by BEING. 🙂

To my baby girl, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!

That I love you, is a given. That you are my daughter, is a blessing that I am thankful for everyday.



The White House Playground

Y’all can keep the debates going regarding the economy, the war in Iraq and all the other things dominating the media. I am not an expert on them and I only hold a lukewarm interest in listening to others hash them over to death. But whether it’s news worthy or not (some naysayers are grumbling about this on the original article), I want to post here that Malia & Sasha got a pleasant surprise this week. On Wednesday when they got home from school, they found this cool play set waiting for them!

White House swing set

I think it is such a refreshing change to see the White House with a playground in the backyard just like most American homes. I’m not sure how much time the girls will be able to spend playing on it once the paparazzi starts focusing watch on the playground, but it’s a good idea anyway. It’s every child’s dream come true and these girls are living the ultimate!

Good for them and good for their mom and dad for thinking of this. Bah humbug to all the naysayers!

Letter from Obama, the Dad

How can one not help but be impressed by our new president? He is smart, decisive and full of hope. He is also an amazing husband and dad. How lucky are his daughters to have him for a dad? How lucky are the rest of us that he is a dad and has the same hopes and fears for his children and thus want the same privileges and advantages for all the children of America too? I just read this touching letter from the president to his daughters and thought I’d share and excerpt from it here.

What I want for you – and Every Child in America
Source: PARADE Magazine

Source: PARADE Magazine

Source: PARADE Magazine

I want all our children to go to schools worthy of their potential—schools that challenge them, inspire them, and instill in them a sense of wonder about the world around them. I want them to have the chance to go to college—even if their parents aren’t rich. And I want them to get good jobs: jobs that pay well and give them benefits like health care, jobs that let them spend time with their own kids and retire with dignity.

I want us to push the boundaries of discovery so that you’ll live to see new technologies and inventions that improve our lives and make our planet cleaner and safer. And I want us to push our own human boundaries to reach beyond the divides of race and region, gender and religion that keep us from seeing the best in each other.

Sometimes we have to send our young men and women into war and other dangerous situations to protect our country—but when we do, I want to make sure that it is only for a very good reason, that we try our best to settle our differences with others peacefully, and that we do everything possible to keep our servicemen and women safe. And I want every child to understand that the blessings these brave Americans fight for are not free—that with the great privilege of being a citizen of this nation comes great responsibility.

Read the full text of the letter here.