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Cheap Lunch at LiMing’s

Spring is definitely on its way in but some days are still chilly and soup-weather like. So when it’s been cold and gray and I just need a quick pick me up of something warm, this soup has been my salvation. It helps that it’s only a five minute drive from my job so I can just pop in there, pick up a bowl and be back at my desk before you know it. Yes, I eat at my desk on most days and I like it that way 🙂

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Shrimp Heads and Cooperatives


With the recent news about imported frozen shrimps full of anti biotics and illegal drugs that have been long identified as carcinogenic and have been banned in the U.S., it is even more important to eat locally. Locally caught shrimps have none of those harmful carcinogens and what little chemical is found on them is marginal compared to the imported, farmed, frozen varieties where it is a common practice to introduce drugs into the population in order to increase harvest. The wild caught shrimps that we get locally also taste better.

Durham Farmer's Market viewed from the hill

I love seafood and I grew up eating really good and fresh seafood so I am a bit of a seafood snob anyway. I only buy fish and shell fish that are practically still jumping and here in Durham, there was a time when I couldn’t find any decent seafood aside from the filleted and frozen kinds. I also liked seeing all the parts to my seafood. Heads, tails, and all, which seemed to freak out a lot of people around these parts.

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Durham a Travel Destination in 2011

Durham has always been the overlooked corner of the Triangle; the Triangle being that of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Durham is the loud alcoholic uncle everyone wants to disown or at the least deny being related to. We who live in and love Durham though have never understood this and are often offended when we are bypassed and ignored over and over again when the Triangle area is mentioned.

But there are benefits for living in a city that is underrated and largely undiscovered. For one, real estate prices in Durham is still reasonable. Second, traffic remains stress free unlike our big neighbor, Raleigh. Third, we are not yet over run with transplants. Most Durhamites still know each other and you can be sure to run into someone you know wherever you go. People you don’t know still speak and say hello when you cross paths and amazing acts of kindness can still be witnessed in this city that is supposed to be rife with crime and gangs. We still have a ‘small town’ feel despite us being a growing city that is host to some of the biggest businesses in the state and some of the largest and prestigious universities. Not to mention a first rate medical institution that earned us the label “City of Medicine”.

Durham Bulls
9th St

The biggest secret about Durham though is that it is a terrific home for the arts. Durham has a burgeoning art culture. Also, the city is small enough that it has a very palpable ‘boho’ feel that is truly charming. We have great eateries, a world class performing arts center and don’t forget this is the home of the champion Durham Bulls.
red trees
The downtown area which has been slowly coming to life this decade garnered Durham a spot as one of the 41 Places go according to the NY Times which compiled a list of lesser known but worthwhile destinations to discover this year. So if you’re looking for a new place to discover, come and visit! Just don’t tell anyone. We kind of like our little uncrowded and undiscovered corner.
central park

A Snowy Mess?!!

Yeah, so how can you have a mess when you only get an inch of snow? When it quickly turns to ice, that’s how. Read about the mess here. They closed the schools an hour earlier than usual, so I took my lunch break from work to go pick them up. I left work at 1:00 as they are letting them out at 1:20 and usually it only takes me 10 minutes to get to their school. Well, it took me an hour. I was almost in tears as I sat in traffic getting frustrated by the minute. Not to mention I had to pee real bad! That must have been part of the reason why I was almost in tears 🙂 By the time I got to the girls’ school, it was 2:20, their usual dismissal time. They said their teachers were a bit irritated that some of the students were not picked up at the designated time, I don’t think they realized how bad the traffic was. Some poor kids got stranded in school and have to spend the night there because their parents couldn’t get to them. I am glad I got mine in time, and they are now safe and snug in their beds, happy little bugs that there is now school tomorrow.

We didn’t get this much snow, these photos were from a few years ago when we got 24 inches of snow overnight, and were homebound for ten days. It was just so pretty…

The girls sure wish they could do this again 🙂