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How Can You Tell If Your Child is Gifted?

giftedAll parents think their children are exceptional. I certainly think mine are gifted! And I didn’t need a list to tell me they are, they just are. However, if you’re wondering and if you just want to be sure, here’s 20 signs for giftedness which were adapted from Austega:

1. Has early interest in words and reading
2. Has exceptionally large vocabulary for their age
3. Learns rapidly, easily and efficiently
4. Is curious about objects or situations, asks provocative questions; enjoys exploratory activities
5. Has an unusually strong memory, but is bored with memorization and recitation
6. Is flexible in thinking patterns; makes unusual associations between remote ideas
7. Is independent
8. Has a wide range of interests
9. Demonstrates unusual reasoning power
10. Likes structure, order and consistency
11. Show unusual degrees of originality, concentration and persistent hard work on projects that capture their interest and imagination
12. Is perceptually open to his or her environment
13. Has an advanced sense of humor
14. Is sensitive to the feelings of others
15. Shows more interest in creative effort and new activities than in routine and repetitive tasks
16. Shows an intense interest and aptitude in an artistic activity, such as drawing, singing, dancing, writing, or playing a musical instrument
17. Is intellectually playful, interested in fantasy, imagination
18. Acts as a leader among children of their own age
19. Tries to excel in almost everything she does
20. Senses when problems exist; always trying to adapt or improve things

Whether your child fits all those characteristics or none of them, I bet you still think your child is gifted don’t you? GOOD! Because they are!

Every child born is gifted. They are a gift in and of themselves and whether they accomplish great things or not is not really the point is it? The point is that they are yours to take care of and love no matter what.

Embracing Chaos at Home

It’s been a busy month at our house. The main event during this hectic month that just passed is my daughter’s graduation from high school. We’ve been celebrating since last month when she received her acceptance letter to college. Follow that with all the end of school events for three daughters and you can see how hectic things have been around our house. It’s a good kind of chaos though, one that I’m sure I am not the only parent to welcome.

graduation announcement
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The Most Wonderful Time For Who?

It’s that time of year again. Yep, the most wonderful time of the year for parents according to the Staples commercial but really it’s an anxiety filled time of year for parents and students alike. For some students like my high school senior, it just may be the most wonderful time of the year. She was so looking forward to going back to school and being with her friends and favorite teachers again. But then, she has always looked forward to going back to school ever since her big sister had to leave her behind that first year when she, the first of my kids, started kindergarten.

1997 fall

This photo was taken twelve years ago. This year, they are all on another milestone. My little kindergartner in this photo just started as a freshman in college. Her sister who was so sad to see her go to school is now entering her senior year of high school and the baby I was holding in my arms is now a seventh grader! How did time fly so fast? I am close to tears just looking at these little girls twelve years ago.

Kids Will Keep You Honest

We were at Walmart last week and we were on the self-check-out line. You know, where you scan your items yourself then pay for it all on your own? The girls usually like doing this part, and since we didn’t really get a whole lot, we decided to get on the self-service line.

check outWe got up to the register and as my older daughter started scanning our items, I was riffling through my purse to see if I had any coupons to use. All of a sudden my youngest daughter started nudging us, saying, “Look! someone left their money in there!” pointing to the small receptacle below the scanning area where cash is dispensed if you have change or if you took some cash back.

Sure enough, when we looked there was a crisp ten dollar bill laying there. My teenager’s first reaction was, “Cool! we get ten bucks!” Well, she didn’t say it exactly that way, but her eyes did lit up. haha! But her little sister, before we could say anything said, “We have to give it back! What if some poor person comes back for it because it’s their only money left?”

So I took the cash and went over to the cashier for the self-checkout lines and told her we found the bill. She gave me the funniest look. Like she was trying to figure out if I was pulling her leg or what. Then she reached over to accept the money and said “Thank You”

I walked back to where the girls were and we finished checking out. I had a Walmart discount to use so I finished the payment process and we started walking out of the store. That’s when the lady at the register looked at us again and this time she said, “Thank you for returning the money! I will set it aside for when the person comes back for it”. She had a surprised but pleased look on her face. I guess not too many people would have returned the money. It took her a few minutes to process. lol!

And after I thought about it, I wonder if I would have kept the money too? It’s would have been so easy to simply pocket the bill and have some spare change for free. But then, the more I thought about it, it would have been a heavy spare change to carry. It would have been like weighing not only my pockets but my conscience too. After all, isn’t this just the kind of lesson that we all try to teach our kids? I was glad my daughter learned the lesson, resisted the temptation and kept the rest of us honest. 🙂

I love yah, but sometimes I hate yah

Sisterhood is another one of those love/hate relationships. I grew up with two sisters; three girls in one room, in one house. We had our share of of loves and hates, believe me. At times the moments of hate seem to take over. I don’t know how my poor mother stood it. Well, actually, I do know how she fared. I remember hair falling out and lots of drugs. lol! just kidding about the drug part. I do remember her hair started falling out in clumps leaving bald patches in her scalp, for no apparent, medically related reason. It was just stress. Stress of raising three teenage girls. Can you imagine?

Well, twenty or so something years later, look at me! I’m in the same spot as my mother was. I have three girls, two of them teenagers. All I can say is, I count my blessings everyday that they are not like me and my sisters were. I hear compliments numerous times from total strangers how they are impressed with how my girls get along. During this walk (see photo) was one of them. They just held hands through most of the route, just because they felt like it. Sure they have their moments when they just can’t stand to be around each other. They vie for individual attention; wanting to leave the others behind so they can have their private time with mom or dad or grandma or aunts.

With summer vacation in full swing and nothing really for them to do until they go to Auntie S’ house at the end of the month, hubby and I were thinking we will have a houseful of irate and bored teenagers. I’m glad to say we totally underestimated our girls. They have been fine. Loud at times, but otherwise getting along just fine. The youngest one is the main trouble maker. She cures her boredom by picking on her sisters and just generally bugging them. She nags them to fix her something to eat every two hours. She gets right under them when they are trying to do some reading. She rough houses with them when all they want to do is watch tv, and starts whining about getting on the computer as soon as she sees one of them in front of it. I’ve really been expecting to come home one day and find the girl tied up in a sack. But no, her big sisters tolerate her craziness and even play along with her. They find her something to read, they fix her healthy stuff to eat, and oblige her ‘moments’. I don’t know that I was ever that kind to my younger sisters so yeah, I do count my blessings.

Now how long will this moment last? Who knows. But while I have it, I will savor it and worry about my own hair falling out later.