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Jun-19 030

Saving Time and Money with Underground Irrigation

Jun-19 023

Even though the weather outside is frightfully cold and snowy, spring is on its way. The seed catalogs and nurseries are advertising with brilliant pictures and luscious vegetables for our yards and gardens. Attractive as the advertisements may be, it’s time to consider a problem that may have occurred last year: delivering water to the plants, lawns, and shrubs.

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Is Your Garden Ready to Spring?

Maybe this schizophrenic weather will settle down soon and we can start getting our gardens in order again. What do you think?

We had a couple of really hot days a week or so ago, it almost felt like summer as it reached the 80’s! All that sunshine and warm weather has had me sitting in the backyard again and I can’t help but look at its dried out and scraggly state and yearn to get it back in shape again.

Then, the cold snapped back! Just when I almost got happy and pulled out my sandals and put away my coat, I had to turn back around a day later and pull out my scarf and gloves.

Then the long overdue March winds decided to blow through and even managed to uproot a tree or two. WTH, right?

This week though, it’s looking more promising. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s to 80’s for the next five days with evenings only dipping down to the 50-60’s. I think it’s time to spruce up the garden!

It’s the time for it, for sure! It’s time to get out there and start sprucing things up and maybe even get some seeds in for an early start. Or not so early start, depending on what you’re planting.

And if you’re in need of inspiration to get your garden going, maybe this video of the White House garden will spur you on…. well either that or intimidate you! lol! Their garden is pretty darn nice and clean, isn’t it?

But don’t forget, Madame Obama has a staff of gardeners to do the weeding and tilling for her while most of us just have ourselves or at the most, a staff of one like I do. I call him husband, but he does a great job digging, composting and weeding. I talk big about OUR garden, but he actually does all the work. My main role is to decide what I will want to harves and cook so he can plant them 🙂