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Graduation Gifts that Matter

I receive articles from the Simple Dollar via my email subscription. Even when I don’t have a lot of time to read, I try to do a quick glance at what Trent is writing about because I think he has one of the most valuable blogs that I subscribe to. I always get something from his articles, be it good, savvy financial advise or just some life lessons that are worth reconsidering.

This article came at an opportune time because it’s graduation time again. Like I mentioned previously, it’s also prom time again; summer is just around the corner! But, first, graduations.

I agree with what Trent said in his article. I don’t remember what I did with the monetary gifts anymore, although they were certainly very welcome at the time; but I still do remember the celebratory dinner and get togethers during the time. I remember the conversations and the general feeling of excitement and anticipation from family and friends. Everyone was giddy with anticipation of what is to come next. It’s that feeling of embarking on a new journey that I remember the most vividly, but had almost forgotten until I read this article.

So before you go out and buy an expensive gift, consider instead, giving something more memorable…
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