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Do You Put Up Halloween Decorations?

Image Source: The Budget Decorator

Do you decorate for the seasons or for that matter every holiday? There is a house in our neighborhood that decorates their front lawn year round, depending on the season and the occasion. Of course they catch all the major holidays like Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter; but depending on the mood of the owners, they will also put up decorations for the lesser holidays. Flag Day, for example, or Ground Hog Day. We, the neighbors, sure enjoy going by there to check out what’s new!

Me, however, that’s about all I can muster regarding holiday decorations, to admire other people’s efforts. I barely get by decorating inside the house for the kids’ sake as it is.

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Halloween FAIL!

Major Halloween FAIL this year! Just was not getting that haunted feeling this year. Did not get a pumpkin, did not decorate and didn’t even buy candy!

Couldn’t totally disappoint my youngest daughter though so ¬†we still ended up going to our usual Halloween haunt, The Eno. She just recycled her costume from last year. On the way there, I realized I forgot to bring the camera! So no photos either.

So I share with you instead, my beautiful nieces who dressed to the nines, complete with the awesome makeup job by their mommy.

Happy Halloween!


Do you celebrate Halloween? It’s my youngest daughter’s favorite holiday since it’s the same month as her birthday. Actually, Halloween was my expected due date but she came a week early on the 24th which, in a way I was glad. I wouldn’t want my birthday to be the same as any holiday. You always end up getting short changed, I thought, because your birthday, instead of just being your special day, gets blended into the other special day.

Treats That’s what I thought anyway. My daughter, ever since she was old enough to realize birthdays and holidays, started blending her birthday and Halloween so she usually ends up having a two week birthday period. It starts with the county fair which usually starts during the week of or before her birthday, then it continues on to the end of the month culminating with Halloween!

It’s all good though, it’s a good way to begin the Holidays. We’re well into the months of Holidays!

So today, we’ve scheduled to go back to our usual Halloween haunt at the Eno. It’s a park here that hosts an annual Halloween Party that is almost candy free. They provide kids with activities that don’t involve any candy sprees like you see in neighborhoods and malls. They have a craft station, they have a jack-o-lantern exhibit, a bonfire side story telling and singing session, a hay ride and the highlight of the event is a scary show put on by the local youth theater company. All of these venues are scattered on the park so you have to hike from one venue to another along paths that are illuminated with candle¬†luminaries. It’s actually quite fun. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to jump out from the dark of the woods at you. BOO!