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The Hand Washing Police and the Lysol Fiend

At our house, never try to come out of the bathroom without washing your hands. We have our own hand washing police!

Yep, my youngest daughter has taken it upon herself to call you out if you happen to run out of the bathroom and she didn’t hear the the water running for at least a couple of choruses of the Happy Birthday song. I suppose it’s what you can expect when you grow up with a dad who is borderline obsessive about cleaning and disinfecting. Yep, their dad does most of the major cleaning around the house. I do what I call ‘maintenance’ otherwise known as just enough cleaning to keep things from being messy and downright unsanitary.

My area of expertise is to make sure they eat right and exercise. Their dad is the one who makes sure they’re not living in filth or ingesting/inhaling anything that could sabotage all my healthy┬áliving efforts. We call him the Lysol fiend!

If you’re a germ, don’t go near him if you don’t want to get zapped with the Lysol spray.

We make fun of him, but deep down, we also know he’s the reason the house is relatively sanitary and probably the reason that we don’t get sick as often as some people we know. With spring ready to burst upon us (as soon as winter’s last hurrah gets on with it already), spring cleaning and throwing open the windows are just around the corner.


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The Oral Care Challenge

My girls and I have been hyped over a box of Listerine and Reach products that arrived at our house last week as part of the LISTERINE ORAL CARE CHALLENGE. They’ve got a blue rinse that is just amazing! It was designed to encourage little kids to brush but my teens were all over that stuff! They even got me into it and I really don’t like stuff that color anything on my body. Well especially one that will show where the bad germs are! Yeah, I like being ignorant about stuff like that.

Germ killers or not though, I like having clean smelling breath so all the rinses that they sent us to try out are being put to good use and much appreciated. Hop on over to my review blog and check out my post about this oral care challenge.