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Visit with Santa

Every year, the company I work for graciously hosts a Children’s Christmas Party for the children of it’s employees. They provide activities, snack, and the unavoidable visit from Santa. My girls, for some reason, have never been too crazy about taking pictures with Santa. Actually, when they were smaller, they were terrified of him, and would not have anything to do with him. So, they have never had any ‘mall’ portraits with Santa. It would have just been too traumatic. The only time I managed to cajole them into sitting on Santa’s lap has been at the Christmas Party at work. I think the novelty of going to mommy’s job proved to be a worthwhile bribe for having to endure Santa’s attention.

Santa and Rudolph

This year, I am proud to say, the Clone was not too shy to speak up. She told Santa exactly what she wanted him to bring her, and she also managed to squeal on her sisters. They weren’t too happy about that, especially when it was their turn to talk to Santa.