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Were You a Latchkey Kid?

I was a latch key kid. Do you know what that is? I haven’t heard the term in a while and I wonder if people still use it? If you’ve never heard the term before, here is how it is described in Wikipedia:

A latchkey kid or latchkey child is a child who returns from school to an empty home because his or her parent or parents are away at work, or a child who is often left at home with little or no parental supervision.

Anyway, with both parents working, my sisters and I would come home from school to an empty house. The TV was our baby sitter. Although we saw TV families with moms who had nothing to occupy their time but laundry and bingo games, always with after-school snacks at the ready, we (my sisters and I) didn’t really find it strange that we didn’t have a mom who did that.

And although we had wonderful male role models in our father, step-father and grandfathers, we didn’t find it strange either that they were so different than all the TV dads we watched on the tube. We realized at a very young age that TV does not necessarily portray real life. Never the less, we were fascinated with all the shows especially sitcoms.
TV Dads

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