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How Do You Spend Your Paycheck?

Do you even know where your paycheck goes? Sometimes I am at a loss where my paycheck went or if it even came at all! Did I even get paid? ‘Cause some days, it sure doesn’t feel like it. My wallet is still empty!

If you have that feeling a little to often, then it’s time to take a closer look at your finances.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we evaluate all the things that we spend money on. It’s almost time to file taxes, folks! If you have children in college, it’s also that time of year again when they renew their FAFSA applications and if you’re like me, you’ll probably have to renew yours too. It’s not only time to file your income taxes, the deadline for paying your property taxes has also just passed. For some employers, it is also the time to wrap up your medical spending accounts and re-budget for the next year.

Money is what’s on my plate this week so I found it interesting to stumble across this infographic this morning which shows how the average consumer spends their paycheck.


It comes pretty close to reflecting my actual spending habit. Some things like our housing, insurance and transportation expenses are pretty static and there’s not much else you can do about it. But the rest of the expenses like food, entertainment and ‘everything else’, we can do something about. And I am still determined to even be more frugal this year. We waste a lot of stuff!

How about you, does this infographic reflect your spending habits?



Downgrading from the Family Van

Our eleven-year-old minivan has served us well over the years but it is now at a point where little things here and there are cropping up. Although it’s been well maintained and hasn’t had any major repairs done to it, the little problems are starting to crop up more often than it did in its younger years. I can relate. Aging does that to the best of us.

As much as I love our Chrysler Town & Country, buying the latest model would just not make too much sense for us especially since we now have two daughters in college. Not only is their college expenses putting a crimp on our finances, we also don’t need that big a car anymore now that we only have one daughter to drive around.

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