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Skills for Surviving Homeownership

Our old neighborhood is gaining some new residents as some of the houses are turned over to much younger neighbors. The great thing about having young, new homeowners is that they are all gungho about revamping their homes and surroundings. Unfortunately, this stately old tree was a casualty of new owners and new home insurance requirements.

If you’re a new homeowner, here’s a few more tips you may not have been aware of:

Beyond paying bills and feeling proud of your new status, there are other responsibilities for first-time homeowners. You’ll want to get to know your neighbors – not only do they make decent friends but they can be good look-out sources while you are on vacation. You’ll want to catalog all of your belongings – yep, I said all – for insurance purposes in case of fire, flood or burglary. See what I mean by good tips? If you are new to the home-owning club, here are five skills we know you’ll need:

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