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Protect Your Children with Your Parenting Style

In a world where bullying, kidnapping and pedophilia have become well known terms, it is vital to teach our children how to interact with their surroundings and environment in a safe way.

No one can monitor their child 24/7. Even if that’s what we would like to do, it just isn’t realistic. So how can I protect my child? How can I keep her/him safe? Here are a few tips that I have parented by.

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This Man Could Go to Jail Because His House Was Vandalized


What if  these kids were yours: they are 8-10 years old, they are out on their own at night, broke into someone else’s property, and proceeded to vandalize the property. They get caught doing it, and get shoved into a closet until the police get there. What would you do?

If that had been me or my husband when we were kids, not only would our parents tell the police to keep us in jail overnight, we would not be able to sit on our butts for days and we will be grounded and working to fix what we damaged all summer long. Actually my husband said if he had done that to his neighbor, not only would the neighbor not hesitate about spanking him, he would get another beating when he got home.

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The Mother of all Weddings was Red!




Have Game of Thrones fans gotten over the Red Wedding episode yet? It’s been a week, I know…

…but it took me the whole of the next book in the Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin to get over the red wedding and stop hating him. I watched for a whole week on Facebook and Twitter the collective shock, then awe, then rage spread among you. So yes, I do feel your pain, Game of Thrones fans.

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Teens Who Don’t Talk

This happens to me all the time. Call it coincidence, call it karma. Whatever you call it, I really do believe that you call to you what you need.
Anyway, just today I was thinking about teenagers. Ours and other people’s. You see, one teenager we know has been worrying her family because of how sullen and withdrawn she has become. She used to be a very sweet little girl. Most of us would chuck it up to typical teenage angst. Most of us say she’ll get over it.

It seems to me, that this ‘phase’ is such a waste of time and energy. And truthfully, there are a lot of kids who just don’t ever get over the ‘phase’. It escalates and manifests into different issues that affect them for the rest of their lives. Take the story I just read from Trent about a gifted child:
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