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Time Flies Way Too Fast

MY fair ladyWhether you’re having fun or not, time just keeps flying and the older I get, it seems to fly even faster. A couple of months ago, my daughter came home to tell me she’ll be staying late almost everyday after school until March for rehearsal of her school’s musical. It seemed like a long time to be shuttling her back and forth school! Well, this week, it was over. Already!

No more multiple trips back to the school after hours and we got to see last night what they did with all that time. We watched their production of My Fair Lady and were absolutely flabbergasted by what they were able to accomplish and how talented these kids are.

Looking at her beaming face up there, I can’t help but be the nostalgic mom and wonder where my little girl went and who is this young lady up there? What a great way to mark her 17th birthday which is on Tuesday. I won’t be able to sing “you are sixteen going on seventeen…” anymore. She’ll be seventeen!

Here’s a short snippet of the show…